Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow flakes under an electron microscope

They look pretty much exactly how you would imagine them.

Google Slams

From the previous video below this post, I found an entire site to searching for using Google. Has Google begun its downhill battle of mediocrity? Maybe.

Google Slam Animated Docs

Pictures up close in a Petri Dish

It is exactly what it sounds like. Magnified pictures of a subjects in a petri dish. For instance an embryonic egg.

Pubs in England Drying up

An article by the Economist describes whole towns in England without a pub.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Secret Cargo on Space Ship X is Cheese

It was in reference to my favorite Monty Python sketch.

CLick on this picture if you like history

I sure found a lot of comments I liked on it.

Perfectly Safe Activity in Russia

Falling off a tall building being held up by a rope is perfectly safe and should be encouraged.

Man dragged by train while on sled

How do I know this is a guy?

16 year old arrested for being pro Wikileaks

This happened in the Netherlands, and he was trying to hack a website.

Prince Charles and Wife attacked by student protestors

The students were angry at the cost of schooling.

BBC shows Nazi rally instead of Weather

Today will be cloudy with a chance of Heil!

Man Sells Watch for $66,000

He bought it for $70, not knowing what it really was. The best part is, he has pictures of him hanging out with Christopher Reeves to promote the watch.

Creepy Picture sent to NEWS Site

Very first machine recreated by legos

Christmas Lights Videogame

Thor Trailer released

But can not be embedded.

Double Space story

Neil Armstrong Answers questions about the lunar landing and why we should go back.

If an astronaut begins to float away from the International Space Station, what do you do to save him? Rocket Belt.

Bea Arthur served in the Marines

She denied that she ever enlisted, but her military records show otherwise.

Cash Cab Game Show Slightly Fake

There is a set up before hand, but most people don't realize what the set up is for. Cash Cab is supposed to be a random cab driving around for people to get rides from. When they get in, they find out the cab is for a gameshow and they have until they reach their exit to answer questions.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reenacted by fans

Snow Shoveler creates a maze

Company sends rocket into space

NASA is now hiring out companies to do all of the old jobs, like sending stuff into space.

Little Girl tells the story of Jonah

If she keeps this up, she will be famous her entire life. It will be really annoying when she is a teenager though

Flying snakes

This video has footage of a snake gliding in the air, just like dragons in stories.

Best Slingshot in the world

A 65 year old man shows off his skills with a slingshot by shooting a quarter of the sky.

Shadow Show

A thief steals a crown, and the entire story is told in shadows.

Internet Rallies around young Star Wars Fan

A 7 year old girl was made fun of for her Star Wars cup at school. It wasn't girly enough the boys thought. Her Mom posted about it on the internet and the world of geeks has rallied around her, sending messages of new hope.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kitty Door for Fat Cats

It looks like something for Star Trek. But the door is real and being sold by Moggy.

Zoo Rangers dress as Pandas to help baby Panda

Those are people dressed as pandas, holding a real panda baby.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stephen Jones Mormon Comedian

The BYU Spice guy tells jokes.

Black Box from the 1970's opened up.

This is actually a really cool engineering video.

Video game given Vegan version

The original game is called Super Meat Boy. PETA created the Vegan Version.

NASA Explores another planets atmosphere

Using Telescopes they will be looking at a Super Earth.

Logs of Space

Read the Captains Log on the different moon landings. This is brought to you by NASA.

US Government shuts down software piracy websites

over 70 sites offering counterfit and bit torrent items has been taken down. Expect the government to be freaked out when it doesn't work.


A pass is deflected and hit into the arms of the other team.

Beautiful shots of the Galapagos

Galapagos 2010 from Darek Sepiolo on Vimeo.

Julia Roberts Smiles but never speaks

She was paid $1.5 million for this.

Top 5 surprises found from Wikileaks

Most countries around Iran, would like to see it as a crater.

Pictures of the Drug War in Brazil

There are some pretty amazing pictures found here.

Ukulele against the Weather

Seattle -My home- just shut down for having 2 inches of snow.

10 quotes Mark Twain did not say

And the ones they are probably based on.

The Walking Dead may not have writers for the second Season

That sounds insane, but it appears to be what is happening to the newest coolest show ever.

Steam Punk Super Heroes

Thats Batman up there, and many more are for sale.

Google Said to start EBook Company

So says the rumours that Google will be challenging Amazon for Ebook dealer.

Casting Agent for the Hobbit fired for racist remarks

He asked for lightskinned people only for Hobbits.

Charlie Chaplin in TRON

Nick Tierce's Tron-ified Modern Times from Nick Tierce on Vimeo.

A Fan added effects to old Chaplin movies to put him into the movie.

The Quaid Conspiracy

Randy Quaid and his wife say that most of their allegations are fake and that people are trying to destroy them.

Dr. Who Song on Craig Ferguson

Who would be a man who can do all this cool stuff? Exactly!

Sorry, I'm a big fan.

Amazon Pulls Plug on Wikileaks

As it turns out, the company was hosting the website.

Photoshop friends

As a holiday tradition, a man photoshops celebrities into his Christmas party pictures.

Chuck Norris is now a Texas Ranger

He was officially put in by Texas Governor Rick Perry, along with his brother Aaron.

22 missionaries Hoax

One of the interns just got a text asking her to pray for 22 Mormon Missionaries in Afghanistan who will soon be executed. The problem with this is that there are No Mormon Missionaries in the country. The closest Country is Pakistan but that is limited.

As it turns out the original text was for Christian Missionaries, and even that is a hoax.

A website on the top of googles search list has a virus on it to spread to anyone who checks on the site. In other words, a really mean prank.

So if someone texts you this info, remember, they haven't thought it through yet.

On the other hand, there were idiot missionaries who were sent to prison for vandalizing a statue of Buddha.

Balancing Juggling act

You might be cool, but are you balancing on a board while dribbling 5 balls at the same time cool?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movie quote search

This website lets you type a quote from a movie and find out where it goes.
The blog has pictures of the fearless leader looking at various things.

Kinect at the Game Center

I hope to have more footage of this.

Comcast creates Toll for Online videos

The entire matter is confusing, but one of the companies working for Netflix is saying that Comcast is charging them for showing videos.

Picasso Collection discovered

Man who discovered it arrested for theft.

Magazines on iPad

The iPad now has professional companies printing magazines on it.

Christmas lights compilation.

You can't own the Sun

A woman in Spain claims she owns the sun, the law says otherwise.

Cellular particles dance

I can sort of recognize them from my biology class.

Man discovers he is wanted by police on accident

A University of Florida students googled himself and discovered that he was wanted. The best part is, they were looking for someone else, the police had his name mispelled and thus posted the wrong picture.

From Edinburgh to Skye

This video has a proffesional BMX stunt performer doing amazing things in Scotland.

Glitch in a game

This glitch has the character flying over a city on complete accident. The city is in Italy and quite lovely to look at.

Pigeon crosses the street

I have lived in several cities and have never seen this happen.

Animals are Weird

The song is simple and the pictures are weird.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kinect games don't work

The race car game -and very likely several others- is designed so that you can not lose. So long as you move forward, the game will send you in a direction that you can win.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Cooked in 30 seconds

To give you an idea of what all Thermite can do. Check these videos out.

Thats right, its used to weld iron together quickly.

Sunlight melts a rock

This video brings up some interesting questions.

Weird Meteor

And the world was saved once again by the Power Rangers. Sorry, I have no idea what it is either.

Latest Meme

The latest Meme craze is this picture of a Velociraptor riding a great white shark.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Book of Mormon Videogame

I honestly don't know what to think about this game.

Meat Cake

Thats the best description I can give for this video. And it is an amazing thing to imagine.

Baby knows how to dance

It's the only explanation for this video.


A man in Scottsdale Arizona, discovers he has rattlesnakes in his house.

Cookie Monster wants to host Saturday Night Live

There is even a facebook page for it.

Google Easter eggs and Navy creates sub hunting war robots

It's the same website, so check out this article on Google Easter Eggs, stuff like doing a search for Chuck Norris and stuff like that.

The other one is much more serious, the idea of a robotic war ship that hunts submarines.

1200 cars in a virtual city

The New york Times has an interview with the man who made this.

German Vandals attack blurred photos

In a town in Germany, houses were egged based on their picture in google maps. The specific reason was that the owners asked google to blur out the pictures of the houses. In other words, it was very easy to find the houses and egg them, even though they could not be seen.

National Opt out day doesn't happen

The day of protest did not gain enough followers for anyone to care. In similar news, the TSA has released an App for the several idevices to help speed things along. It's buggy.

Common phrases that don't actually mean what is being said

A wrather moot point, but this article explains the exploration of such terms as, "I hate saying it but," and ,"I'm not racist but."

Israeli Army traces liars with facebook

Several women have opted out of the army saying they are orthodox jews. Their facebook accounts proved them to be liars.

Seattle is not designed for snow

It only arrives once every 6 years. The rest of the time it just rains and stays 65. I just figured out where this is.

Star Trek the Random Chat

I have no real description except that these guys know how to tell a joke.

Chinese man rents advertisement screens to play videogame

More on that here.

Moldy old Houses

The art style is called, "After effects." The artist made model houses and then covered them with flower, letting the mold grow on them.

Actor of Ugly Betty kills mother with sword

Michael Brea, star of Ugly Betty has been arrested for the murder of his mother with a sword.

Frog cries like baby

Military styled scooters

It is now proven that men will want anything that even hints of military action. Don't believe me, check out this video.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taliban leader in Peace talks is a fake

The US believed they were involved with a senior member of the Taliban over peace talks. As it turns out, he was a fake.

Blue Man Group instrument

It needs a better name, but the player is amazing at it.

Biking around the Town

This man does a different rendition of biking onto town.

Man builds his own Star Trek computer

How am I so sure this is a guy?

Dominoes and undominoes

Mac and Cheese Song

It is now an internet Meme to sing the Mac and Cheese song.

The Kinect on PCs

The Kinect was released a few weeks ago and has already been cracked for use on the PC. This has caused some to create videos exploring what it does.

Interesting stuff. Personally, I would love to hook up a bunch of them at the CAC and record a basketball game. That would be a lot of fun to create.

Man wins 10 Million Euros for sleepwalking naked

A businessman in Ireland has won a libel case netting a profit of 10 million euros. While on a trip to Mozambique, he had been on pain medications and a little drunk. This led to him sleepwalking over to coworkers hotel doors, naked.

He won his case for proving that the company had used this incident to make him out to be a pervert and demand his resignation.

Books on the brain

Oh we have books for sale
Some white and some blue
Other orange and some tangerine
These books stores are the wildest ever seen.

Oh the books that we love
So dear and sweet
It's like a dark stormy castle
And a friendly monster for me

Oh the places you go
Amazing what they are
Dr. Seuss saw them all
And drew them right down.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shalom Sesame

Grover travels to Israel, and learns yiddish.

Sesame Street has a website

It has videos of episodes on it.

Demonic Test makes water move up

The idea that information can change Atoms is now slowly being proven. I don't claim to understand it.

Students Protest Schools in Britain

Students had classes disappear in schools and protested their loss.

Power Rangers Return

The Power Rangers have been bought back by Saban Inc, which made the original seasons. To celebrate they are releasing an episode everyday of old episodes.


Warning, this video is in German. There really isn't an American or English love of this fun game.

Woman Goes back to work after 30 years

She doesn't understand how much things have changed.

Red Riding Hood the Movie!

Leonardo Dicaprio recommended the movie in this idea, "Wouldn’t it be cool to do a Gothic twist on Red Riding Hood, with the wolf being a werewolf, and just have a cool, sexy romantic thriller?"

There is just one problem, Red Riding Hood is already Gothic. It was a story told in bars in the Gothic lands of Germany to the brothers Grimm. So its all Gothed up and ready to go without needing to mention a werewolf. Though that is a cool idea.

Cat sees a flute

Left Handed Toons can be found here.

Tie Fighter in real life

The game looks like a great idea, but the controls seem to be a problem.

The History of Blue Moons

As told by NASA.

Ipod Games look better than regular games

This game is for an Ipod touch or IPhone.

The New Porsche

It is 330 Horsepower and costs $66,000. Check out this site to see more.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Videos made by Students

These videos are great examples of students dealing with classes correctly.

The BYU-Hawaii Musical

Expect to see a much better version of this video soon. But before you ask, yes this did happen in the cafeteria. Yes, the Ke Alaka'i knew about it, in fact we planned it. The best part of this all is that the cafeteria changed the menu so that it would fit better with the lyrics.

The History of La'ie

Not really weird, but cool. The school has a website dedicated to the history of our small town.

Twins Shoot eachother to commit suicide

Their parents are from South Africa and they grew up in Australia, but they shot each other in Denver. One survived and the other did not.

Friday, November 19, 2010

False Voices and Concerts bring thousands

The video explains the making of this vocalist who does not exist. Much of my time while writing about things for this blog, I find myself with the words, "This is not a joke," and they tempt me once again. This entire thing is so surreal that believing it exists makes my mind go mad.

The program of Vocaloid can be found here, and yes, you can make the girl sing in it. The original program to make the voice is not for sale though.

It gets weirder. The singer has concerts.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is thousands of people dancing to a holographic made up character. The voices are not real, the character is a hologram, and it is topping the charts in Japan.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Air Camera

It sounds like bees and can hover at 100 feet.

Surfing Orcas

Orcas in New Zealand are known to catch waves.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Female Character Flowchart

An interesting idea of exploring the way women are portrayed in media.

Finnish newscaster fired for drinking on air

It was meant to joke about alcohol laws in Finland.


Up music video. I really enjoyed it. Possibly just because the movie is so cool.

Thundercats fan video

Keep in mind, this is photoshoped frame by frame. Yes, those are videos from other movies.

AC DC as done on Date Sheets

A man created a video using only data sheets to portray an AC DC concert.

Nice Wheeling

wheel number from E and M-P on Vimeo.

A man uses a wheel to dance. The movements are amazing, though the music is sort of a downer.

Woman does 21 accents

It is exactly what it sounds like. She goes through 21 accents.

Tokyo after the Apocolypse

An artist was asked to depict what Tokyo would look like after a disaster turned it into a wasteland. Personally I think it would look like this.


A new Meme on the internet is to use old cartoons and have them reenact stories from songs. Case in point.

ADHD explained

Invisible cloaks slowly being made

Leave it to physicists to never mention what they are actually building out loud. I am certain that in the lab they are squealing with joy.

Catalan Human Towers

Casteller from Mike Randolph on Vimeo.

In Catalonia the tradition of making these towers is nearing 300 years old. Aren't we all glad that we just have Football, Soccer and Rugby?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Paper Airplane sent into Orbit

This photo was taken by a paper airplane that was flown to 23 miles in orbit. It was brought to orbit by a helium balloon and then continued to fly higher. This is just awesome in both ways of using the word.

JuJu Fridays

The ANC Youth League declared today to be JuJu Friday. It is asking everyone on Twitter to post pictures of their beloved leader. So far, Twitter has just made fun of him.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bruce Lee playing Table Tennis

Yes, he is that awesome.

Exotic Car driving land

Pay so much and get to drive a real sports car down a track.

Proffesor Layton vs Phoenix Wright

Two of the top characters for videogames work together to find an answer.

Live Crab vending machine

Exactly what the title says. People are now able to buy live crabs from a vending machine in China.

Wheelchair Backflip stunt

Be inspired.

Pit Bull does Parkour

This video would have given me nightmares on my mission. Imagine the big mean dog jumping over the fence to attack you.

Pathology of Pooh Bear

Obviously each member of the hundred acre woods is crazy, and this paper explains why.

Man robbed by woman holding plastic fork

A woman got out of an SUV and robbed 2 pedestrians while holding a plastic fork.

Zombie Video Game based on Oregon Trail

It is called Organ trail.

Misery Bear

Perfectly done horror movies as done by teddy bears.

Big Cats with Pumpkins


Get ready for a video on epic cuteness.

How to say "I love you" in several languages

A wonderful and real moment in life, is to see that everyone has a way to say it.

The World Cup Octopus passes away

It was served with a lot of extra sauce. Paul the first was able to predict the world cup winners, even to the point of predicting against Germany where it lived.

Looking for Danish Citizenship

This website tells you how to do it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

People use the Wii to help stroke patients

By far the coolest news I have read in a while.

The US elections as seen in China

If you ever want to know what a country thinks of yours, read their news on you.

Yakima WA is insane

No really. They have radioactive rabbits and drunk women who light a police cars on fire from the inside.

A sobriety test for the internet

Although Mormons don't need to check for drunkenness, needing to stop posting when tired is something they do need to do.

History of First Person Shooters

Yeah, pretty much.

Man loses weight while eating junk food

A nutritionist ate nothing but common junk foods and Cheap grocery store food. His basic idea was to eat enough calories to lose weight, and came out healthier than expected.

Best 50 fails of the month

The video can be found right here.

Asian man sneaks into Canada dressed as old white man

A man walked into a jet looking like an old white man, but turned out to be a Chinese runaway in a nice costume.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Top 50 jokes

From a survey on good jokes, these were tops.

A tour of a park famous for its suicides

In Japan a park famously has 100 bodies found inside of it every year. Aokigahara park was in a book where a character commits suicide in the end. This has inspired perhaps the creepiest following ever.

This video shows some graphic footage so its best that you not watch if squeemish or feel bad.

Woman in Tapai decides to Marry herself

No no, you read that correctly, she wants to be married to herself. This doesn't go without precedent. Queen Elizabeth claimed she was married to England.

Flickr collection of Pizza Boxes from around the world

I for one am annoyed that they don't list where the boxes are from.

Ketchup and Mustard together perfectly in Japan

Someone has made the separate packets work together.

A history of the New York City Metro

There are pictures from every decade following this history.

New documents on Iraq War show nothing new

Wikileaks has released documents from the Iraq war. Although it gets into the nitty gritty, most of the details are fairly well know.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Man with Bionic Arm dies while driving

A man who had an arm that was moving by commands from his mind died in a car crash. It is unknown if the cause was by his arm malfunctioning.

Charlie Chaplin's Production Studio

There is even a picture of him in this wikipedia article.

Sears Catalog for Zombies

Sears has a special website dedicated to promoting items for the every day undead walker.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Twitter videogame

This twitter feed allows you to travel around a level reading tweets and posting your own thoughts. The entire time you play a rabbit that can use the tweets as platforms to jump on. No enemies though.

This is a friend of mine

No really, there is no better explanation except to say that a friend is selling an antique gynecological exam table from the 1930's. He uses it as a lounge chair when watching football.

Time Traveller spotted in Charlie Chaplin movie

At the 2:43 mark it will be shown. Much to everyones surprise it isn't me.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cat walks on only front feet

This cat can not use its hindlegs, so it does a hand stand and charges forward in life.

A man declares himself open to employment

So he is now accepting applications to employ him. The other way just wasn't working.

Sudden Concerts

This wonderful video gives way to a strange thought. If iPods can now be used as instruments, and an entire concert can be played from a subway train, will this begin to happen more? Imagine an entire symphony sitting in the park playing on their ipods, marching wherever they feel like it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Andy Richter will not be on the new Conan Show

My internet is slow. I have literally been waiting 2 hours for this stupid video to load. But the first part sounds truthful enough so I guess the rest is just about that. So long Andy. Best of luck.

Woman sleeps with Rats

They call her the Crazy Rat Lady of Manhattan.

facebook still has your deleted photos

A man trying to delete his photos for 16 months has been unable to do so.

Visual Effects for those that love Team Jacob

These special effects ads muscle and tone to an other wise completely muscular man.

This is Lance he is 4

Not the worlds greatest rendition, but keep in mind, the kid is 4

Judge orders "Don't Ask Don't Tell" to be stopped

An order under President Clinton has just been ordered down by a federal court judge.

President Obama Lifts Deep Sea Oil Moratorium

More on this can be found here.

Kim Jong Il's oldest son makes interesting comment

He is against having things passed down from father to son. Which is probably why his little brother was chosen as future leader of the country.

Hawaii 5-0 most DVRed

Nelson has tracked how many people record to watch later shows, and Hawaii 5-0 is king.

McDonalds now offers marriages

In Honk Kong anyway, so I would guess that makes them To Go.

Russia using balloon tanks

To bolster their image, the Russian military is using blow up tanks.

Too much light while resting may lead to obesity

A lab tested different light times on mice and found some interesting conclusions.

Interactive Map of Springfield

I can't find the escalator headed to nowhere yet.

Next Google Maps might use Kites

Thats a little down to earth idea.

Facebook updates

A picture found here might show us the new ideas coming.

Lego Storage Bin

What did you think I was talking about? Yes, these are storage bins in the shape of legos. I have no idea if this means you can build a space ship out of them.

An engineer solves his privacy problems

Engineer Niklas Roy lives in a former store. He had problems with people peering into his house expecting to see a shop. Niklas tried to solve this problem by creating a curtain. Niklas failed and yet won at the same time.

Russian Wolves

A Police officer pulls a man over and begins to ask questions. Only to stop the conversation and jump into the car to save his own life from attacking wolves.

Sorry, there is no other information but the video.

Personal Opinions on all sorts of things

100 top color brands for the internet

Its a color wheel for internet brands.

AOL Might Buy Yahoo

I am just as dumbstruck, here is the article.

Kenyan Man Builds his own Airplane from Scratch

Bad luck

This man had just taken his drivers test. Believing the car to be in park, he did something, and backed straight into the DMV.

Is this scene real?

A south African Police Officer stops a car chase.

Scientists study robot punches to make robots punch less hard

This is entirely referenced to old SciFi themes in the article.

I love this photo

The Twitter Makes Anderson Cooper into a Furry

It was for studying apes.
This man is a plumber and the owner of the worlds fastest mobility scooter.

Slaverin on His own movie

A commentary from the Co Founder of Facebook on the movie "The Social Network"

The Hobbit Movie to be directed by Steve Jackson

It is official, The Hobbit is to be made and it will be made by the same director of Lord of the Rings.

600 year old clock

The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo.

This clock is 600 years old and the perfect backdrop for a thrilling animation.

Perfectly Round Egg

A Chef preparing breakfast discovered a perfectly round egg in his basket.

Kids Battle Zombies for TV Show

Reality TV in the US is nothing to it in Japan. These kids are told Zombies are coming to attack and then fight back.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jedi and Sith Snuggies now for sale

Who saw this coming?

1 in 5 British children think Buzz Lightyear first man on the moon

Honestly, the screw up is fairly reasonable. I mean, Buzz Aldrin was on the ship with Neil Armstrong.

NAMBLA signing people up at random

Imagine if you will that you found out you were opted into a group that is for rape. Now stop imagining because it has been happening.

FBI asks back for GPS tracker being used to spy on person

A young Arab teen found a GPS tracker on his car. His friends took pictures and posted them on the internet. The FBI asked for them back.

Cute video

Skunks are great pets and amazing guard dogs.

Google making automated car

Google shows up a lot in this blog.

Watch a part of Paris go down and then up

3 Years At The Same Place (english version) from Ramon on Vimeo.

Willy Wonka might be real

Scientists creating whole meal gum.

Darth Fairy

Cosplay for little girls.

It is now a law that all online videos be subtitled

It is completely unknown if they have to be accurate.

16 really cool google drawings

Check it out.


Just look at the pictures all the way down.

Elephant capable of speaking Korean

I will be asking friends about this one.

Napoleon Dynamite the TV show

First Big Bang theory, and now Napoleon Dynamite. It looks like people enjoy making TV shows that are similar to my life.

Africa is huge

It can fit China, India, and the US inside of it. Yet, whenever I hear someone talk about this continent, it is thought of as the size of Texas.

Space TRavel is now for sale

Virgin Galactic has announced that their space vessel has made orbit and they are working on tickets to space. A ticket into space is $200,000. Bart Jolley who heard this immediately started talking about loans from the bank.

Perfect Shot every year

This woman has appeared at a specific gun range and fair every year for several decades. The prize of winning is to receive your photograph.

Armless Pianist wins China has talent

More news here.

All Hail Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Il has chosen his son Kim Jong Un as his heir. There was a parade and flowers for this major event in North Korea.

Free Wifi is a virus

If you have ever discovered an open Wifi hot spot called Free WiFi, then you actually caught a virus.

Quit Stalin

Just move out of the way of the Terminator now.

Civil War Photos

Find them here.

New Gap Design given up for Old Gap

After much complain, the Gap has taken it back.

Bumble Bee Tuna Hits Bomb Squad

On the set for the new Transformers movie, the car for Bumblebee hit an actual police bomb squad car.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joaquin Phoenix apologizes to David Letterman

He wanted to be mocked, so he acted really badly on the David Letterman show.

Titanic Sank on Screw up

A possible answer on why the Titanic sank has been given. The driver believed he was turning right, when he was turning left.

Virus for Iran's Nukes found

A virus called Stuxnet seems to be designed to install itself into a nuclear power plant in Iran. The same plant is famous for possibly holding nuclear bombs.

Interesting pictures.

From AP Photos
This Aug. 24, 2010, photo shows an unoccupied house that is surrounded by the green algae from Devils Lake which flooded the southeast side of town of Devils Lake, N.D., about a year ago. The house is scheduled to be burned

Interesting pictures.

From AP Photos
This Aug. 24, 2010, photo shows an unoccupied house that is surrounded by the green algae from Devils Lake which flooded the southeast side of town of Devils Lake, N.D., about a year ago. The house is scheduled to be burned