Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow flakes under an electron microscope

They look pretty much exactly how you would imagine them.

Google Slams

From the previous video below this post, I found an entire site to searching for using Google. Has Google begun its downhill battle of mediocrity? Maybe.

Google Slam Animated Docs

Pictures up close in a Petri Dish

It is exactly what it sounds like. Magnified pictures of a subjects in a petri dish. For instance an embryonic egg.

Pubs in England Drying up

An article by the Economist describes whole towns in England without a pub.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Secret Cargo on Space Ship X is Cheese

It was in reference to my favorite Monty Python sketch.

CLick on this picture if you like history

I sure found a lot of comments I liked on it.

Perfectly Safe Activity in Russia

Falling off a tall building being held up by a rope is perfectly safe and should be encouraged.

Man dragged by train while on sled

How do I know this is a guy?

16 year old arrested for being pro Wikileaks

This happened in the Netherlands, and he was trying to hack a website.

Prince Charles and Wife attacked by student protestors

The students were angry at the cost of schooling.

BBC shows Nazi rally instead of Weather

Today will be cloudy with a chance of Heil!

Man Sells Watch for $66,000

He bought it for $70, not knowing what it really was. The best part is, he has pictures of him hanging out with Christopher Reeves to promote the watch.

Creepy Picture sent to NEWS Site

Very first machine recreated by legos

Christmas Lights Videogame

Thor Trailer released

But can not be embedded.

Double Space story

Neil Armstrong Answers questions about the lunar landing and why we should go back.

If an astronaut begins to float away from the International Space Station, what do you do to save him? Rocket Belt.

Bea Arthur served in the Marines

She denied that she ever enlisted, but her military records show otherwise.

Cash Cab Game Show Slightly Fake

There is a set up before hand, but most people don't realize what the set up is for. Cash Cab is supposed to be a random cab driving around for people to get rides from. When they get in, they find out the cab is for a gameshow and they have until they reach their exit to answer questions.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reenacted by fans

Snow Shoveler creates a maze

Company sends rocket into space

NASA is now hiring out companies to do all of the old jobs, like sending stuff into space.

Little Girl tells the story of Jonah

If she keeps this up, she will be famous her entire life. It will be really annoying when she is a teenager though

Flying snakes

This video has footage of a snake gliding in the air, just like dragons in stories.

Best Slingshot in the world

A 65 year old man shows off his skills with a slingshot by shooting a quarter of the sky.

Shadow Show

A thief steals a crown, and the entire story is told in shadows.

Internet Rallies around young Star Wars Fan

A 7 year old girl was made fun of for her Star Wars cup at school. It wasn't girly enough the boys thought. Her Mom posted about it on the internet and the world of geeks has rallied around her, sending messages of new hope.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kitty Door for Fat Cats

It looks like something for Star Trek. But the door is real and being sold by Moggy.

Zoo Rangers dress as Pandas to help baby Panda

Those are people dressed as pandas, holding a real panda baby.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stephen Jones Mormon Comedian

The BYU Spice guy tells jokes.

Black Box from the 1970's opened up.

This is actually a really cool engineering video.

Video game given Vegan version

The original game is called Super Meat Boy. PETA created the Vegan Version.

NASA Explores another planets atmosphere

Using Telescopes they will be looking at a Super Earth.

Logs of Space

Read the Captains Log on the different moon landings. This is brought to you by NASA.

US Government shuts down software piracy websites

over 70 sites offering counterfit and bit torrent items has been taken down. Expect the government to be freaked out when it doesn't work.


A pass is deflected and hit into the arms of the other team.

Beautiful shots of the Galapagos

Galapagos 2010 from Darek Sepiolo on Vimeo.

Julia Roberts Smiles but never speaks

She was paid $1.5 million for this.

Top 5 surprises found from Wikileaks

Most countries around Iran, would like to see it as a crater.

Pictures of the Drug War in Brazil

There are some pretty amazing pictures found here.

Ukulele against the Weather

Seattle -My home- just shut down for having 2 inches of snow.

10 quotes Mark Twain did not say

And the ones they are probably based on.

The Walking Dead may not have writers for the second Season

That sounds insane, but it appears to be what is happening to the newest coolest show ever.

Steam Punk Super Heroes

Thats Batman up there, and many more are for sale.

Google Said to start EBook Company

So says the rumours that Google will be challenging Amazon for Ebook dealer.

Casting Agent for the Hobbit fired for racist remarks

He asked for lightskinned people only for Hobbits.

Charlie Chaplin in TRON

Nick Tierce's Tron-ified Modern Times from Nick Tierce on Vimeo.

A Fan added effects to old Chaplin movies to put him into the movie.

The Quaid Conspiracy

Randy Quaid and his wife say that most of their allegations are fake and that people are trying to destroy them.

Dr. Who Song on Craig Ferguson

Who would be a man who can do all this cool stuff? Exactly!

Sorry, I'm a big fan.

Amazon Pulls Plug on Wikileaks

As it turns out, the company was hosting the website.

Photoshop friends

As a holiday tradition, a man photoshops celebrities into his Christmas party pictures.

Chuck Norris is now a Texas Ranger

He was officially put in by Texas Governor Rick Perry, along with his brother Aaron.

22 missionaries Hoax

One of the interns just got a text asking her to pray for 22 Mormon Missionaries in Afghanistan who will soon be executed. The problem with this is that there are No Mormon Missionaries in the country. The closest Country is Pakistan but that is limited.

As it turns out the original text was for Christian Missionaries, and even that is a hoax.

A website on the top of googles search list has a virus on it to spread to anyone who checks on the site. In other words, a really mean prank.

So if someone texts you this info, remember, they haven't thought it through yet.

On the other hand, there were idiot missionaries who were sent to prison for vandalizing a statue of Buddha.

Balancing Juggling act

You might be cool, but are you balancing on a board while dribbling 5 balls at the same time cool?