Friday, May 28, 2010

Teddy Bear Vacation

In Finland, Teddy Bears are taken very seriously and treated with great kindness.

Japanese Steam Ship advertisements

Yes, that's right, century old advertisements from Japan.
Actually, this site is pretty cool. Check out this weird fish.

I got this from a link from a link from the site. So there is all sort of cool stuff.

Quake II on Web browser

The video at first just seems like a nerdy thing to post. Actually, it is a really nerdy thing to post. It's running on a web browser. Anyone can play it. Of course the original creators of the game have a different version up and running as well.

The Nerds are thinking about 3D websites that run like a videogame, but give the same information as a normal website. Imagine walking through a 12th century castle and talking to knights.

Cooking with Coolio

Coolio is this guy. He has a cook book now.

Because the play was just put on

I look forward to the sequel. Though I wonder about the munchkins.

The Star Trek Pad

If Amazon began to sell a Kindle that looked like this, I would buy it instantly.

A Mini Canon

A penny too much

A videogame company has placed 5 of their games on sale for anything offered. They are making plenty of money on this, but have noticed the amount of thieves stealing the games just doesn't make sense. All that said, Penumbra is a lot of fun, but keeps having the feeling that it needs to be played on the Wii.

Power Rangers not Dead

The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers is one of my all time favorite shows. Last year, it was announced that the spandex wearing helmet wearers were wrangling their last weirdo. As it turns out, Saban -the original owners and creators of the giant robotic animal riding super heroes- has bought them back.

The Power Rangers are actually stealing an idea from one of the true great giant monsters, Godzilla. Using a kids show called Super Sentai, the creators edit in english speaking actors to replace the Japanese characters. There are times when the shows are exactly alike and others where there is a major difference.

For instance, in reality, the Power Rangers will probably wear camo.

Muppets and Street Fighter

There are so many jokes here, it is hard to tell which one to give.

How did they get it all budgeted?

The Great Office War from Runawaybox on Vimeo.

No really, look at half of what they use, where did they get the money?

Nice Music

Is Time Travel Possible?

Consider this an investment into futures

Diane Wynne Jones

She inspires me and others.