Monday, June 28, 2010

An inspiring message

South Africa

I don't really understand this

But I guess you can play your own songs on all your devices.

The Web Screws up your mind

Can't talk now, blogging.

Can it play fetch

I mean, besides the Hoth station. That wasn't much of a good game of fetch.

Princess Bride Website

A few of you will enjoy this.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Now on Hulu.


In 8 Bit.

Interesting information

This song is an international hit and not just played for Hawaiian radios.


So now we know it is perfect for games with hellspawn.

E3 20 years ago

It had a lot more suits.

Ni No Kuni

The animators, writers, and world designers are Studio Ghibli. If you know such films as Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke. The game designers made Professor Layton and his many puzzles. This is sort of a game in my dreams.

Cat Soccer

My cats used to love this game.

Somebody start writing

I will happily play the villain in this movie.

Rocket Surgery

It's like pulling teeth.

Rowing Team

We need one at my office.

Panther Bike

Good Wrenching in my opinion

Caged Turtle Stops Plane

It was a ninja.

Lego AK-47

The targets should have been Bacon.

EZ Cracker

Jueros no Aplicar.

Dave Barry interview

A funny guy. I go to his conventions.

Beautiful shots of London

You've Got to Love London from Alex Silver on Vimeo.

Sorry, no videos of Germany at the moment.

Paintball gets evil

It doesn't hurt at all. It just feels like a flick. Now just stand and take the hits from this computer automated sentry as it shoots you.

Billy Jean Cover Song


End Credits song to a great game

Here is the original video

Play the game here.

Staring Contest

It leaves you speechless. Though the winner was pretty obvious.

Alex Trebek is Autotuned

Jeopardy is now cool.


Want more Vuvusela?
Press the soccer ball button on youtube to relive World Cup glory.
Or get it on Google Maps.

A woman broke her windpipe blowing one.
And here is the world's largest vuvuzela.

Bruce Lee Audition tape

The world is missing a really amazing guy.

Non Graffiti

This guy is really cleaning up well.

Incredibly cute baby otter

Anyone else suddenly wanting to be a proffesional animal caretaker? Anyone else thinking about otter pops?

John Gnarr

Doing things that only a comedian could get away with, like becoming mayor of Rekyavic, Icelands capitol

On the topic of Germanic stuff. Video is Video in German. Film is Film. The same with Movie. TV is Fernsehapparat. And thats why German TV sucks.

Phillip K Dick

Perhaps one of the greatest Sci Fi writers in the world.

Pirate Bay's parent company is gone

Pirate Bay is fine though. Oh and the weird o thing means the A has a Y sound with it. Sort of a Ay.

My name is Keith Borgholthaus and I study useless languages.


This guy got an old game to play on newer machines.

Rent a friend

We used to do this in gradeschool with the Nintendo.

How Powerful is Farmville?

It has the population equal to Japan, and can get this done.

It's just like a videogame

Only in real life... sort of.

Ray Guns for Better Crops

Phillip K Dick better not be right on everything, that would be really bad. However, this time it is totally nice.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pokemon Reimagined

Godzilla right next door.


Or as I liked to call them, Mom's Cajun relatives.

Idea Factory

Legos do that to me too.

Beat Boxer Jews Harp

The Techno Remix will never happen


I hang out on the wrong beaches.

Singing Flight of the Bumblebee

Don't you hate those videos where you say in your head, "I could do that." Yeah, I can't actually do that either, but man I sure think I can.

Dutch Skimmers finally arrive on American Shores

This is a huge deal, and it gets into all sorts of politics, I will likely write a serious article on it for the Ke Alaka'i. But for now, enjoy this article.

Letters from Ash

Now for Sale.

Click on Transformer

Then get ready for awesome.


As retold by legend.

Physical Activity Symposium

Because that's what we all need. A symposium where people sit around, eating really expensive food, discussing why no one goes out to exercise anymore.


I sort of got a tear in my eye seeing this one.

I love this GIF

Mario in 3D!

Human LCD screen

Korea is weird.

This Owl is Awesome!

I feel the same way when dealing with people around me. Sometimes big, sometimes small, and sometimes all together evil.

Mario by Violin

I had to figure out that the violin was actually making all of the sound effects from the game. Videogame Violins is at an all time high now.

Portal 2 coolness

Smart Squirrel

Though I think while it was in the tube, I would have grabbed it.

Verizon trying to make more money

By not telling you how to spend less.

Toshiba makes a Duel touch screen laptop

It looks very familiar. Still, if it works and is cheaper than an iPad, I would buy one.

The price of Rockets

It is going down says entrepreneurs.

Music of the Sun

Suddenly New Age people don't know what to do with their lives.

New TV Show

Entirely for download. No really, they want you to do this.

Google Wave

Google Wave is now open. What is it? I have no idea either.

I dream in Retro

I have had dreams like this, only it involved Contra, Mystical Ninja, and Zelda.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Picture it

I only saw the third one.


Science is getting into it.

The Yankees lost mascot

It sucked, but I don't know why.

5 Word Response

And a lot of eating.

Joke Thief

Ok, the truth is all comedians steal jokes. This is not a secret among them. They have competitions over who can tell the same joke better. It looks like this guy is in trouble because he pulled down a politician. One note about this link, Comedians can be very coarse and foul in their humour, so if you don't like a joke from a certain comedian, just skip to the next one.

Lung Transplant

Are not all perfect.

Kung Fu kid

Karate Kid. Still a cute kid doing a cool kick.

The top site for Nintendo E3 stuff

It's actually by Nintendo. Weird I know, but its true.

I think that pretty much describes it all.

Monday, June 14, 2010

North Korea makes Flash games

They are for sale. The truth is far weirder than any joke I could tell.

NASA is slowly getting useless

I am not kidding. In fact it sort of shows a sign of the future. I could go on for hours on everything that NASA has introduced. But I think I can put it bluntly in saying you wouldn't be reading this without NASA. Just about everything on computers today is from technology NASA designed, evenn down to picture programs and Hard Drives. Losing NASA is losing a major power source for the technological break throughs of the country.


Is always cool when someone tells you something interesting about it. Like this equation might mean that harnessing that quantum universe can create an artificial gravity, however it also means that ringworld is wrong.

R2 the Iron Man

Wow, I just imagined c-3PO in Iron Man colors, not as much of a change as I thought it would be. R2-D2 looks completely awesome though.


By and far I look forward to when we all walk around with lightsabers or blasters. When people ask why they were created, I can honestly answer that Geeks just wanted it to be true.


I always thought the film was weird.

This man

is brilliant.

Little Orphan Annie

Um, thats a cliffhanger.

Iron Man

A Much more accurate term

35 famous buildings

As done in Lego.

Gran Turismo 5

So I am going through all of the announcements for E3 right now and the only video I just really enjoyed was this one, or the one with Raving Rabbids.

I will be honest, most of the games seemed like the same old games. Even though Microsoft was showing off a new controlling style with Kinect, the only original game was the one above. This game will be really hard to sell because no one knows what is going on. Still a cool video though.

All in all, today wasn't very interesting. Tomorrow will have more presentations by Sony and then Nintendo.

Oh wait, Microsoft did have Cirque De Solei dance while showing off Kinect. There was a robotic Elephant.

Let the games begin I guess.

Google is now challenging everyone

No really, they have a program for everything, and are now selling programs using their own download selling thing.


I have never played a single one of these games, but I love their videos.

She is a hit

Or she gets one.

Sweden Works for equal rights

For both sides in fact.

I really don't think this is news

No really, this shouldn't surprise anyone. It should be right up there with the English drinking Tea.

South Africa is showing a really good side

I have a good friend who lives in South Africa. I wish I could show you the many pictures he has, or let you hear him give the long talks on how wonderful it is to live in SA. I can show you that there are people noticing what he has talked about for years.

How is a Raven like a Writing desk

I don't know, but its best not to get the raven angry

Fussball in Lego

The website is in German but really cool to look at. Seemingly all of the World Cup games are in there. I just don't know how to say United States in German. Sorry.

Brand Loyalty

By the jib of this man's mustache this must be true.

The Earth is Flat

These guys have scientific proof of it.

Prince Poppycock

The Marriage of Figaro is one of my favorite operas.

Plane Instructions

I can do these ones.

Portal on Mac

One of my all time favorite games is now on Mac.

Goldeneye Remake

One of the greatest games ever released will be remade. If it is anything like movie remakes, expect fools to be pitied.

The right time to photograph

Is when she finally proves she is a Satyr.


I would have called Credits that.

It is still illegal to hack

But if someone says outloud that something is hackable, is that illegal?

Michael Jackson's new videogame

I actually remember losing at Moonwalker in the arcade.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beards of the World Unite!!

      The World Beard and Mustache Championship was a wild and woolly ordeal. Hope and Cheryl were on site to see the many wonderful beards in all their glory.
     I asked them a few questions to find out how it was. It was Hope began to describe it,"There were all sort of varieties. There was one in particular , it went down to his chin and went out 7-12 inches."
       She said her favorite beard was Beard of Warpath. He was shivering in the Oregon coolness.
      The Bearding personalities were varied some were, "Very serious about their beards. Some wouldn't even let Miss Oregon, a judge, touch them. Others were just silly and having a fun time."
       Although there were no panels on how to properly grow a beard Hope did say, "...the host (emcee) wrote a book on facial hair."
       Hope was disadvantaged at the show because she was actually a 10 year old girl but if she could grow a beard it would be, "A cool one. One that is unique, flashy and in-your-face (ha ha)."     When asked if they would be returning Cheryl -Hope's Mom- said, "We wouldn't miss it! We met awesomely fun people, who traveled such a long way to be a part of this."

Math Teachers

Not all are the same. I am sort of wondering what his tests are like.

Voltron and Thomas the Tank Engine

I will form the head!


A cool book on it.

Nintendo DS to enter as teaching device

Why yes, I am a teacher, see I am making videogames.

Death Dome

It's a short commute true, but its a real killer.

Disney Blog

It's a great blog to show off, but i found one article that takes the cake. Steam Punk Mickey.

It's electric

Boogey Woogey Woogey

Robots in South America

Why did they invade South America? Vegas was too expensive.

Seatbelt commercial

Not every commercial gets you to cry. This one did.


A lot of them.

8bit New York

I don't think I could find myself in it.

Craig of Craigslist

He is interesting in how much he does with what he does.

Alpaca Surfer

It was either that or a pachyderm.

Jack Benny

A true master player....eventually.

My Mom actually saw him play in concert once, he was much better than what he is doing now.

If you become a vampire

here are some handy tips.


I spent 3 days playing this game. It sucks you in.


It's in Northern Scotland, get this, there is a village called Sudderlannd which means Southern Lands in Viking -they called it Norsk. It's got amazing stuff.

I before E

Unless your name is Keith.

Something we will never see in Oahu

Enough Snow to fill the entire city.


A legal site to watch Anime, it is sponsored by Anime companies. I was watching Darker Than Black when I realized it should be shared. If you watch, remember that some shows have large portions of violence and blood. Some have story too.

Dustin Geddes was amazed by this

He and I had a conversation on Arnold Schwarzennegar's height. I found this site.

Man Cakes

They are what Wall Street guys are making.

Artificial Retinas

Entirely something an Optometrist would like. And sort of hate.

This family

Has a sense of humour.

A Matter of Size

My brother and I were discussing the rate and price of memory. We realized that it would be far cheaper to buy 2 GB of Ram for a simple machine, than buying something much smaller. Lets put this in proper context, Windows XP can be run easily with 2GB. In fact, it can be run with 1. Let's say you had a small device that only needed about 4 bits of memory, but really, 2 GB was the best price.

This device wouldn't need wires, it connects by Wi-Fi, it wouldn't need a monitor, a computer over at central can connect to it and find out how it is doing. It would basically be exactly the computer you wanted 10 years ago, for about $5. What does it do? Screw things.

It is connected by USB dongle to a screwdriver robot. A simple machine, that only needs so much to do. Imagine the entire factory being controlled by all of these little computers, working away at these easy tasks. This is a nightmare waiting to happen.

You see, it is connected to a wireless network. This network can be accessed by a laptop. In fact, it is likely not even thought about how dangerous the problem is. One machine goes bad, ah well. The screws did not get in tight enough, the entire box it was making is faulty. The computer running it was too powerful for anyone to care if a seperate program took over and changed the commands just a little. Instead of 10 turns, this little screwdriver did 8. Just enough to give it room to work and then bust inside of warranty.

People would go looking for the culprit, but somehow he didn't show up. The Camera system and automatic gun system is controlled Via Wi-fi. In fact, most everything is connected now, and hacked just right. It appears that nothing happened, and no one was awake. The mocha machine somehow put in decaf that day. Except one guy, who was actually playing farmville. He was arrested as the suspect. He hacked the system, and was the only guy awake.

Imagine now the entire recall, because some guy with a laptop got ahold of that little computer. The tech guys won't know it happened, unless they go into every device and check the code. They don't know how many turns to make either, it was written down on a computer, which has access to the wireless network. So they change the code themselves to another screw. This one needed 10 as well, but got 15. If the box was squeezed in a certain way, the box cracks.

What does this box do? It controls the salt on McDonalds' french fries. They get salted badly, McDonalds goes under. Now imagine the Burger King with a laptop.

Ready for more insanity? Imagine that we create all new technology in the next 10 years. True holograms, and scanning devices are used to change communication forever. Now imagine this technolgy 10 years after that. You have to realize that the processing power and memory is far superior to the computer you have now, and it fits, inside of a pocket watch. It has 200 Petabytes, and can run calculations in numbers I can't even find in Wikipedia right now.

Programs like Windows simply don't grow with this and remain at something like 30 Terabytes. This device replaces the old stupid computer from 20 years before, the same one that got hacked into so easily. Guess what? This device is not only hackable, it can be sent back in time.

Now imagine picking up this device in 1972. Keep in mind, a Kylobyte is considered big stuff at the moment. A Gigabyte is something only Governments have, and the entire computer fits inside of a warehouse. This little device is picked up by a kid. He thinks it's cool. He can talk to people on it, he has no idea who. His parents worry that it is possessed by satan, and the government wants it for examination.

This device was cheaply made, and probably has some of the same stuff an iPhone does. It has a scanning device, like a camera, only it records it differently. It easily can tell you about things within a mile of it. This little boy is sent out on a magical quest. He finds the hearing dongle that connects to his ear. A special controller for games, and even a screen.

The government chases after this boy. The device he holds is able to tell him where the GMen are, and how to escape. It can make money from ordinary paper, if you get the printer.

Now imagine that the computer is fully put together, it can talk to our little boy, and tells him to give instructions to the GMen.

Screw= 27;

Somewhere out there, Ronald McDonald smiles. Revenge is a dish without salt.

Before you start thinking this is all made up stuff. Check this out. It's not built yet, but I for one want it.

Milk is now Hazardous

It is now equal with oil.

He toured here

And this song is really nice

Future Technology

The Technocrat Retrofit of London from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

This guy has difficulties understanding it, yet his videos are constantly used to promote it.

World's Smallest Library

The size of a phonebox. Dr. Who, Bill S Preston, Theodore Logan, and Superman have all asked to get versions.

The Search for a New Earth

Could it be this one?

Tree House

Some are grander than others.

Bill Watterson

Here is an interview with him.

Old School Videogame

No batteries at all. I admit, I have this mad dream of a victorian game of pong. Would love to build it, but it would cost way to much.

Amen Break

Once you know about it, you will hear it everywhere.

Another water Powered Car

How to properly Dear John

If that doesn't help, there is another way.

Calvin and Hobbes

A couple of different looks. I love the last one.

Make your own Muppet

Mine would have a monocle.

On the Internet you can be anyone

I mean Anyone. In fact, you can be nobody if you feel like it.

A book Sale from a while back

I just walked into it and saw what I could.

War as done by random objects

Find more of that here.

Power Rangers in the streets of Tokyo

I cheered when seeing this video

For the Ladies

My sister admits she has a crush on this guy.

FPS syndrome affects many

I think I may have already posted this

Thats ok, still a cool video.

What the Midwest Thinks of the rest of the US

I'm from the Blue and Brown, and now live in the yellow.

Eric Snider is hilarious

This is the guy who came up with Garren's Comedy troupe. He also writes movie reviews. This article was just chosen at random.

More Woofer on Disney songs

Hakuna Matata I think.

Every Single Pokemon

Remember when they could all be sung in a 3 minute rap?

I do.

BP pays to have bad PR hidden

And in other news, it didn't work.

Jonathan Coulton's $37

As it turns out, he did give permission for the video. But the video you just watched was also taken up and Viacom now owes 60 cents to the video creator.

Pony Meat

My Little Pony Meat no less.

Myolk it does a body good

Swedish kids don't see cows normally. Or the sun by the looks of it.

So, how many people understood what the announcer and text said?

Dr. House is expensive

On the other hand the patients get to stare dreamily into his eyes as he makes fun of them.

Star Wars, Soccer, and Snoop Dog

So then comes the new theory, Han never shot at all.

5 thousand year old Shoes

Brother Checkets has asked they be returned.

Muppet Pipes

Jim Henson Explains.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Buffalo Eight Times is a sentence

No really, it is.

Earhbound on Twitter

A retelling of the game Earthbound on Twitter. The game had zombie hippies in it, and aliens attacking Jazz concerts.


I will try to blog some on E3 or the Electronic Gaming Expo on this blog. It's next week and always catches my interests. I don't think I can hide my love of videogames too much. I will try to have other links for the week as well.

The big news will be that Sony and Microsoft are releasing motion controlled games, thus showing that Nintendo Wii has beaten them. Sony is trying to appear to know what they are talking about. But most people have caught on that they are suffering pretty badly. Microsoft is...

The Playstation 3 and XBox 360 systems were promoted to a specific age and person, and guess what? The Motion Control games are also for the same people.

I love the Wii, when people ask what system I loved, I say the Wii. Because I get to play all the games I loved as a kid without having to argue over which system was better. I got my Sonic next to my Mario like the way I like it. So yes, expect a lot of Nintendo news. I will do my best to keep it weird news though.

You will note that I did all of that in one post. I will try to keep that up.

8Bit in 3D

Not quite what I had in mind.

Wait a minute.... Ok, so Nintendo is going to be releasing a new system soon. Its a hand held device that is getting a lot of attention and speculation right now. What if you had 3D for Mario Bros? Think about it. I am so Geeking out at the idea right now.

Murphies Laws

I found several corollaries. .. Or was that Arteries?

Chips commercials in Russians

i had to watch about 15 before I found an appropriate one. Really funny stuff, but it can get low brow fast. It would also be easier if I could read Russian better.

Wheelchair on Freeway

I am a firm believer that Stephen Hawking is a GI Joe. Just no one has gotten him the proper chair yet. This man is working on it.

BP Oil disasteer as done by Mario

Movies in 30 Seconds as done by Bunnnies

The best part about this is that I never have to watch those movies that people rave about but I have no desire to see. WARNING CUSSING

Music Through the Game Boy

Super Chip Tune Samba Band Research from Pixelh8 on Vimeo.

I am waiting for when people create Freebird for it.

Diddy Bought Son a Nice Car

This blogger is complaining about it.

World War I Strategy Game

It's easier to be England. Only because the English kept demanding that Germany fight with their arms tied behind their back while doing the hokey pokey.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Slow motion lightening

That would be a lot of fun if I have a wiimote.

Ever heard of an overdue book

Try one that was kept by a school.


Has anyone else noticed that I have posted a lot of videos of Germans doing stupid things? Does this guy even know what Houston We have a Problem means?

Parking Space

This woman is brilliant!

Norse Ninjas

Not Nerds!

Update on the World Cup

Some people are really excited about it. The American team is staying here.

The famous quote from Helen Thomas

Actually the Jewish populating in Germany is slowly increasing, though so is the antisemitism.

Bananas grow in Iceland

Oh and its pronounced Eye+jaw+f+logical. See, a specialization in Germanic histories does pay off!

Plane Wreck

It's a lot cooler than what you are thinking.

Neil Gaiman

Besides getting a new dog, Neil Gaimam has released another book of short stories. You can read them here.

Nashville flood

By and far this is depressing.

It's not every day I get to post something from College Humour. I spent the entire 6 minutes overcome by cuteness.

Cute Otters

It's not every day I get to post something from College Humour. I spent the entire 6 minutes overcome by cuteness.

Cat plays fetch

My cat used to do this as well. I loved it.

Katy Perry with a Rabbit

Yep, thats it.

Avatar the Last Airbender

I love the music to this site.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beard Team USA

They also have mustache competitions. My those are manly beards.


The Geek inside me says the display itself is actually transmitting a magnetic wave to the board so that it is hovering, but thats just me. If this can be done, I am all for it. Just imagine the magnetic skateboard parks. Thats right, frictionless surfaces.

Children singing about farting

There is a fart joke here if you know that Bach wrote "kraut und ruben tut mir weh" or "Cabbage and Turnips give me gas."

Ewok Sing Along

Ewok Karaoke from Rob Tyler on Vimeo.

So much thanks to my friend Melissa for this one.

Woofer is the AntiTwitter

Some guy wrote short stories based on a few lines from Disney movies.



Video Cameras and Economics

Good enough wins. Unless its pronouncing my name.

Bit of a story here.

Not really news either, but it is really cool to watch.

Reagan Ended the Cold War

This is why.

Hydrogen torch

Is it real? Beats me, I'm a history major.

Someone elses Firesword

I went to see the fireknife competition, and found a fire sword after googling.

This is how Geeky I am

I even have a story about one of these. I learned it in the hood.

Masked Strangers Protect us all

I think we have one, though he is only known as Checkets.

Britain has Nazi Cows

They wanted to Auroch. No joke, there are tons of really amazing species that were just too dangerous to keep around. To give you an idea. The Middle East used to have giant Tigers. Europe had Lions, Aurochs, and Bison.

Babies doing adult stuff


Its one of my favorite political web comics. I may not agree with the guy every time, but I can tell he did his homework on the subject.


Jeremy Clarkson shooting stuff, and then Fairies and Elves.

The Greats

Every MEME Video in its ranking.

Newspapers are all the same

You read todays news, you can pretty much figure out tomorrows.

1000 times

This is the end result of a guy uploading, ripping and then reuploading a video 1000 times.

World's Oldest Rap

Why yes, I do listen to the old school stuff.

The Art of Disappearing by Naomi Shihab Nye

or you can blog. That works too.
Not every day I get to show something I made. Thats my sister in case you are wondering. She really likes Otaku and will be happy to take your phone numbers. Please form a line to my right.

I just like these

I laughed so I hope you will too.

Space for Sale

A Private Enterprise has just gotten a rocket into Earth's orbit.

My Sister Sent this

Are you the Greatest Otaku in the World?
I'm sorry the man above has you beat.

I wait to see the Polka Band with Slash

He is actually in a step up. A few months back he was only playing Rock Band.

Mentos Powered Car

The Future is bright and fizzy

Lego Printer

If I had a hammer, I would hammer in the morning
With a felt tip pen
I would be a printer.

A Bear in the Army

In Poland, the Bear Hunts Berliners...

Christopher Lee is Awesome

No really. The man whose very appearance makes my brother laugh out loud in recognition was a World War II Special Operative. So how is your resume? He has played every villain known to man, and in real life helped stop two of the worst.

US beat Australia

For more info check out Soccer is Futbol. I find it very sad that this is being updated on the Weird News Blog.