Saturday, January 15, 2011

Netflix destroys Cable, Saves the shows

Netflix is slowly making TV stations useless. Here is an article on how.

Pop Music going in a new direction

From releasing the more raw cuts of singles, to offering the entire album without including a publisher, big name artists are changing things around.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Geek Judge Spawned

This might take some explaining. Neil Gaiman is a famous author, he wrote for comic books including Spawn, which was created by Todd Macfarlane. Some of the characters from Spawn were invented by Gaiman and made Macfarlane a lot of money. Gaiman sued for a part of that money.

The judge ordered that Gaiman be paid his due. The thing about it was that the judge had to treat the entire deal like a major geek when giving her decision.

Kinect for the World of Warcraft

Students at the University of Southern California have created a way for people to use the Kinect and play WoW.

Elemental Chart written on a single hair

Nanotechnology needs to draw something else.

Sledding without snow

Check it out on facebook.

Blake Baxter, a student at BYU-Hawaii and an all time cool guy, hung out with his family and discovered a new way to use a golf course.

I Am Home Alone

Check out this I am Legend/ Home Alone Mashup

skate board videos

New School

Old School