Sunday, October 24, 2010

Top 50 jokes

From a survey on good jokes, these were tops.

A tour of a park famous for its suicides

In Japan a park famously has 100 bodies found inside of it every year. Aokigahara park was in a book where a character commits suicide in the end. This has inspired perhaps the creepiest following ever.

This video shows some graphic footage so its best that you not watch if squeemish or feel bad.

Woman in Tapai decides to Marry herself

No no, you read that correctly, she wants to be married to herself. This doesn't go without precedent. Queen Elizabeth claimed she was married to England.

Flickr collection of Pizza Boxes from around the world

I for one am annoyed that they don't list where the boxes are from.

Ketchup and Mustard together perfectly in Japan

Someone has made the separate packets work together.

A history of the New York City Metro

There are pictures from every decade following this history.

New documents on Iraq War show nothing new

Wikileaks has released documents from the Iraq war. Although it gets into the nitty gritty, most of the details are fairly well know.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Man with Bionic Arm dies while driving

A man who had an arm that was moving by commands from his mind died in a car crash. It is unknown if the cause was by his arm malfunctioning.

Charlie Chaplin's Production Studio

There is even a picture of him in this wikipedia article.

Sears Catalog for Zombies

Sears has a special website dedicated to promoting items for the every day undead walker.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Twitter videogame

This twitter feed allows you to travel around a level reading tweets and posting your own thoughts. The entire time you play a rabbit that can use the tweets as platforms to jump on. No enemies though.

This is a friend of mine

No really, there is no better explanation except to say that a friend is selling an antique gynecological exam table from the 1930's. He uses it as a lounge chair when watching football.

Time Traveller spotted in Charlie Chaplin movie

At the 2:43 mark it will be shown. Much to everyones surprise it isn't me.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cat walks on only front feet

This cat can not use its hindlegs, so it does a hand stand and charges forward in life.

A man declares himself open to employment

So he is now accepting applications to employ him. The other way just wasn't working.

Sudden Concerts

This wonderful video gives way to a strange thought. If iPods can now be used as instruments, and an entire concert can be played from a subway train, will this begin to happen more? Imagine an entire symphony sitting in the park playing on their ipods, marching wherever they feel like it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Andy Richter will not be on the new Conan Show

My internet is slow. I have literally been waiting 2 hours for this stupid video to load. But the first part sounds truthful enough so I guess the rest is just about that. So long Andy. Best of luck.

Woman sleeps with Rats

They call her the Crazy Rat Lady of Manhattan.

facebook still has your deleted photos

A man trying to delete his photos for 16 months has been unable to do so.

Visual Effects for those that love Team Jacob

These special effects ads muscle and tone to an other wise completely muscular man.

This is Lance he is 4

Not the worlds greatest rendition, but keep in mind, the kid is 4

Judge orders "Don't Ask Don't Tell" to be stopped

An order under President Clinton has just been ordered down by a federal court judge.

President Obama Lifts Deep Sea Oil Moratorium

More on this can be found here.

Kim Jong Il's oldest son makes interesting comment

He is against having things passed down from father to son. Which is probably why his little brother was chosen as future leader of the country.

Hawaii 5-0 most DVRed

Nelson has tracked how many people record to watch later shows, and Hawaii 5-0 is king.

McDonalds now offers marriages

In Honk Kong anyway, so I would guess that makes them To Go.

Russia using balloon tanks

To bolster their image, the Russian military is using blow up tanks.

Too much light while resting may lead to obesity

A lab tested different light times on mice and found some interesting conclusions.

Interactive Map of Springfield

I can't find the escalator headed to nowhere yet.

Next Google Maps might use Kites

Thats a little down to earth idea.

Facebook updates

A picture found here might show us the new ideas coming.

Lego Storage Bin

What did you think I was talking about? Yes, these are storage bins in the shape of legos. I have no idea if this means you can build a space ship out of them.

An engineer solves his privacy problems

Engineer Niklas Roy lives in a former store. He had problems with people peering into his house expecting to see a shop. Niklas tried to solve this problem by creating a curtain. Niklas failed and yet won at the same time.

Russian Wolves

A Police officer pulls a man over and begins to ask questions. Only to stop the conversation and jump into the car to save his own life from attacking wolves.

Sorry, there is no other information but the video.

Personal Opinions on all sorts of things

100 top color brands for the internet

Its a color wheel for internet brands.

AOL Might Buy Yahoo

I am just as dumbstruck, here is the article.

Kenyan Man Builds his own Airplane from Scratch

Bad luck

This man had just taken his drivers test. Believing the car to be in park, he did something, and backed straight into the DMV.

Is this scene real?

A south African Police Officer stops a car chase.

Scientists study robot punches to make robots punch less hard

This is entirely referenced to old SciFi themes in the article.

I love this photo

The Twitter Makes Anderson Cooper into a Furry

It was for studying apes.
This man is a plumber and the owner of the worlds fastest mobility scooter.

Slaverin on His own movie

A commentary from the Co Founder of Facebook on the movie "The Social Network"

The Hobbit Movie to be directed by Steve Jackson

It is official, The Hobbit is to be made and it will be made by the same director of Lord of the Rings.

600 year old clock

The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo.

This clock is 600 years old and the perfect backdrop for a thrilling animation.

Perfectly Round Egg

A Chef preparing breakfast discovered a perfectly round egg in his basket.

Kids Battle Zombies for TV Show

Reality TV in the US is nothing to it in Japan. These kids are told Zombies are coming to attack and then fight back.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jedi and Sith Snuggies now for sale

Who saw this coming?

1 in 5 British children think Buzz Lightyear first man on the moon

Honestly, the screw up is fairly reasonable. I mean, Buzz Aldrin was on the ship with Neil Armstrong.

NAMBLA signing people up at random

Imagine if you will that you found out you were opted into a group that is for rape. Now stop imagining because it has been happening.

FBI asks back for GPS tracker being used to spy on person

A young Arab teen found a GPS tracker on his car. His friends took pictures and posted them on the internet. The FBI asked for them back.

Cute video

Skunks are great pets and amazing guard dogs.

Google making automated car

Google shows up a lot in this blog.

Watch a part of Paris go down and then up

3 Years At The Same Place (english version) from Ramon on Vimeo.

Willy Wonka might be real

Scientists creating whole meal gum.

Darth Fairy

Cosplay for little girls.

It is now a law that all online videos be subtitled

It is completely unknown if they have to be accurate.

16 really cool google drawings

Check it out.


Just look at the pictures all the way down.

Elephant capable of speaking Korean

I will be asking friends about this one.

Napoleon Dynamite the TV show

First Big Bang theory, and now Napoleon Dynamite. It looks like people enjoy making TV shows that are similar to my life.

Africa is huge

It can fit China, India, and the US inside of it. Yet, whenever I hear someone talk about this continent, it is thought of as the size of Texas.

Space TRavel is now for sale

Virgin Galactic has announced that their space vessel has made orbit and they are working on tickets to space. A ticket into space is $200,000. Bart Jolley who heard this immediately started talking about loans from the bank.

Perfect Shot every year

This woman has appeared at a specific gun range and fair every year for several decades. The prize of winning is to receive your photograph.

Armless Pianist wins China has talent

More news here.

All Hail Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Il has chosen his son Kim Jong Un as his heir. There was a parade and flowers for this major event in North Korea.

Free Wifi is a virus

If you have ever discovered an open Wifi hot spot called Free WiFi, then you actually caught a virus.

Quit Stalin

Just move out of the way of the Terminator now.

Civil War Photos

Find them here.

New Gap Design given up for Old Gap

After much complain, the Gap has taken it back.

Bumble Bee Tuna Hits Bomb Squad

On the set for the new Transformers movie, the car for Bumblebee hit an actual police bomb squad car.