Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joaquin Phoenix apologizes to David Letterman

He wanted to be mocked, so he acted really badly on the David Letterman show.

Titanic Sank on Screw up

A possible answer on why the Titanic sank has been given. The driver believed he was turning right, when he was turning left.

Virus for Iran's Nukes found

A virus called Stuxnet seems to be designed to install itself into a nuclear power plant in Iran. The same plant is famous for possibly holding nuclear bombs.

Interesting pictures.

From AP Photos
This Aug. 24, 2010, photo shows an unoccupied house that is surrounded by the green algae from Devils Lake which flooded the southeast side of town of Devils Lake, N.D., about a year ago. The house is scheduled to be burned

Interesting pictures.

From AP Photos
This Aug. 24, 2010, photo shows an unoccupied house that is surrounded by the green algae from Devils Lake which flooded the southeast side of town of Devils Lake, N.D., about a year ago. The house is scheduled to be burned

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Woman found dead, and discovered to be a hero

She never spoke about being a spy and helping the Allies defeat Nazi Germany.

This doesn't happen every day, but look at the picture below and then read the article. They are not actually about each other, and yet it feels like they are.

Woman walks down the road

Thats all I know.

Rainbow People

Sister Lambert tells the tale of the Rainbow People meeting near her home town in Nor Cal. They call themselves the Flower Family, and have gatherings every year for whoever meets. It is a free wheeling experience where they try to be off the grid and commune with nature. Apparently there is a rumor that the Hopi have a prophecy about them. Which of course is totally bogus.

There is a website that looks 10 years old. But they do have a Paypal account. The movement began in the 1960's in San Francisco and has continued on for years.

As for me, I think I will be going to meet my Irish roots.

Woman Walks in her Sleep

Loses husband inside her couch. This also explains the missing socks.

Woman Walks in her Sleep

Loses husband inside her couch. This also explains the missing socks.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sita Sings the Blues

This entire film has been released for free. Warning: It has no rating and I haven't watched it entirely.

4 rider Monster Bike

It's more a monster car than bike. A bike is a dual system here, where as this pedal powered monstrosity is a 4 wheeling machine of doom.

Samuel L Jackson and Weird Art

Guest Stars on the show Ghostwriter include the famous Bad Boy Samuel L Jackson.

An artist releases some cool stuff at a French art museum.

How to up your career in twitter

This entire article is for comedians.

Reggie Bush gives back Heisman Trophy

It turns out he was given gifts and that was against the rules.

Tank Scooters

Imagine the military uses for this.

Steve Jobs May be a Ninja

He was stopped at a airport security point for holding Ninja Stars. It was after a visit to Japan. But then it turns out he was never stopped. Just like a Ninja, denying what he had.

Bubble Printer

Several Letters are floating in Berlin in this video.

11 Name Origins of Characters in Super Mario Bros.

Mario is named after a landlord, Luigi is named after a Pizza place, and Birdo is named Katherine.

University blocks Social Networks for a week

On a philosophical whim, the University banned sites like Facebook and twitter to see how students survive.

Musical While Sitting down

The words mean, We Don't Speak American, and is in Italian.

Skateboarder Steals Q'ran from man about to burn it

Everything is a Remix

This blog has a great video on it, about how everyone is copying everyone else and not caring anymore. But I sort of don't have the time to get the code for it.

TRansformers video

Transformers from repey815 on Vimeo.

The thing about this video is that my little brother has read thousands of different Comics like this one.

World's most expensive sandwich found

It is $178 and looks delicious.

Scientists find Black Hole Making universe

It is eating other galaxies and letting out new stars as we speak.

Romanians stop Tax on Witches for fear of curses

Yep, they intended to create fines for psychics who couldn't predict the future. But that was blocked by the powerful Witch board.

UK Teen Banned from US because of Drunken Letteer

It was to President Obama and contained a Slur.

Secret Game Room

Some people have to hide their videogames behind secret doors and hope their wives never find out. These gentlemen have hidden their room behind a door with a book case in front of it.

Make Points for no reason

The entire point of this game is that you look like you are playing intensely, but are not really doing anything. I scored over 2 billion points.

Youtube Allows Live streaming

In other words, it has Channels like the type on your tv. Does this mean anything? I have no idea.

The Internet Mapped out

As presented in a nice Google Maps style map.

Elemental Chart presented in video

Every element is shown, and given a nice presentation. They threw Na into water.

Netherlands opens Opera in Klingon

Named U and the Klingons have already been invited.

230,000 Centerians missing in Japan

These are people that are over the age of 100 and are collecting stipends from the government.

A Meme goes awesome

If you have seen the previous one, this is a great way to add a Meme to a skateboard video.

Rocks Balancing on Each Other

That is what this picture collection shows.

Robots taught to lie

The above robot knocked over a crayon to trick the other robot. So far, Robots are still stupid.

Home Team Advantage

I am all for the home team on this one. Though the opponents are on fire.

Man plays fake kittens in front of English dignitaries

Such men as Prince Charles saw this amazing act. As a bonus look for a man with an amazing beard. Thats Brian Blessed not talking.

Canadien Army Unit dissassembles and reassembles a Jeep

In under 4 minutes.

Game made entirely using HTML5

Biolab Disaster - HTML5 Game from Dominic Szablewski on Vimeo.

This game is entirely made and played using the webbrowswer. Is this better than a Flash game? No not really.


The world, its big. And now Google maps does instant location finding. It has changed the way we view the world. A blog posts the top 50 geography geeks blogs.
Not only that, Middle Earth -the world of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit- has gone google maps style.

Medal of Honor award given to Army Staff Sargeant

Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta will be one of the first living receivers since the Vietnam War.

Is this a watch?

The answer is no. It is a cover for an iPod Nano.

Video of HDR city scape

HDR Video Demonstration Using Two Canon 5D mark II's from Soviet Montage on Vimeo.

High Dynamic Range lighting is a special form of lighting. It is supposed to be going beyond what the screen can show. This video was made by Soviet Montage.

Baby Echidna Adopted

A Nurse at a Zoo has adopted this cute little baby Echidna after its mother passes away.

Seeing as this is an Echidna, here is a story on a spineless Hedgehog.

Military Science Fiction

This article lists the history and information on Science Fiction with the characters in the military.

Dolph Lundgren is a Hacker

Actually he's a chemical engineer. Check out his early life.

18 Year old plays NES games

A man who has never played a Nintendo or Super Nintendo sits down to play these old school games. This started up a conversation on videogames from back in the day. It was going great as we remembered the greats like Mega Man, and Battletoads. The conversation went to Goldeneye and suddenly we talked about Doom.

"I didn't know what a strip club was until I played Duke Nukem 3D,"Travis Bauzer.

Ego vs Reality

Ego is actually the Latin form of I. But this pictures gives a good example of how we feel the world is, and the reality it has.

Top Tourist traps that are worth it

French Polynesia is on the list.

New York Times to go out of print

As said by the chairman of the Gray Old Lady.

What does your facebook picture say about you?

A Student in England has some interesting statistics on the matter.

Talents of Rich and Poor

The Rich man creates his work with science and boredom.

The poor man creates his talents from necessity. The poor man also doesn't need to use photoshop for insane pictures. The picture below is from the remnants of a fire in Russia.

Steam Punk Wedding

This website has a wonderful picture collection of a steam punk themed wedding. For more info on Steampunkery check out this.

Star Wars in Classic Paintings

These pictures take up three links to fully convey the amazing artistic skills for such mediums. The idea is to have a normal picture and place a Star Wars character into them.

Mascot eats Cheerleader

This video shows a mascot eating a Cheerleader whole. I look forward to when Mr. Met decides to follow in this deadly path. I also look forward to the new add on to Madden where you can be a mascot chasing after cheerleaders in the middle of the game.

I am liking this pattern.

Cat Has Cat Birthmark

This cat as you can see, has Cat written over itself.

Cat Herding is real

If this link is to be believed, then there is now a ranch for cats.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cute Animals update

Turtles are territorial, but they can't breath smoke. A fire at an Austrian Zoo caught tortoises in the blaze and emergency workers had to use makeshift oxygen masks.

A Cat was found on a tree in New York. The local firefighters were called in, and it took 3 days of different tries to get the cat down.

I apologize for the sound coming from the above video. It is about an animal shelter where somehow a mother cat is taking care of a baby squirrel.

An Ikea commercial involved releasing 100 pet cats into a store. This video tells the story of how they did it.

Finally, the book Ghost of Opalina tells the story of a cat that lived in a house for 8 lives, and how the families did things. It is out of print and takes a hefty sum to buy, but many consider it an endearing classic.

My Little Pony Turns out to not be a bomb

Can anyone here guess that a boy called in the bomb warning?

Shanghai Bicylists

They carry a lot of weight. Alain Delorme photographed people on their bicycles, with large and almost supernatural weights being held up.

Pastor who promised to burn Q'ran backs down

He says he is suspending the protest, not giving it up.

This photo is now legend

To see a full sized picture, click here.

Pants are lying

Clothes for women are fairly well known for women, it seems that the clothing people are now lying to men.

People Reenact Videogames

That is not amazing, what is amazing is that it is each person is a pixel.

Time Lapse Video

inter // states from Samuel Cockedey on Vimeo.

Downtown Tokyo.

Dragon Con missed connections

This site gives some of the people who would like to get to know people they met at DragonCon.

Cereal Marshmallows for sale

Yes, you can now order them online.

Video Time Machine

Choose a year and then watch a video from that time. It goes all the way back to 1860 when the first audio recording was made.

How Many Helveticas does it take to get to the Moon?

Click the link to find out.

Toys with Mental Disorders

There is Molly the sheep who has a Dissociative Personality Disorder, Koko the Hallucinating alligator, and other amazing characters.

Carrots are now hardcore

I liked them before they sold out.

Vandals caught and forced to dance until police arrived

A New Zealand couple found 2 men spray painting their wall. The couple brought the vandals in, and forced them to dance while cussing loudly and calling the police. They danced until the police arrived.

Powder found on road turns out to be Grandmother's ashes

Police were called to a road on reports of a strange powdery substance. It turned out to be from an urn.


A Korean Designer is showing off his Phone idea.

11 Artists that said no to Weird Al

Keep in mind that Weird Al is famous for parodying songs. So only 11 is impressive.

Adam Sandler is 44 today

It's sort of strange to think about. I was expecting him to be older.

Missed Opportunity

Burning Man is Geeky

The Burning Man festival is difficult to describe without including words like, Weird, Artsy, Insane, Drug induced, and Really Hot. This article gives a new description to it, Geeky.

Pictures from the Chilean Mine

Here is a collection of pictures from the Chilean mine where the miners are trapped inside.

Clint Eastwood gave up opportunity to play Superman and James Bond

Eastwood is better known for his gravely dark characters that tend to deal with the wild west.

Tylenol Laden Mice dropped from airplane to control snakes

Sometimes reality is weirder than stuff made up.

Giant Rats used to hunt Land Mines

The Rats survive in case, you were wondering.

Dark Tower Series to be Made into TV Series and Movies

The Dark Tower series is written by Stephen King and is considered one of the greatest works of fiction ever written. Stephen King himself has considered this his Life's work and several of his books make references to the series.

Australian Scientists have created a Tractor Beam

It only controls a single particle the size of a bacterium and can move it a meter, but that is a huge step in the future of space ships dragging each other using a light.

An artist puts money on a treee

the entire point was to see the reaction from people.

A Delayed Plane was given a Musical Pause

The Amsterdam Symphony played as they waited for their plane to take off. Violins were kept in their upright positions.

Tower of Bikes

It is called the Cyclist and is made of entirely of crushed bikes.

Google does Live Update

Google has updated their search program to show links to what ever you are typing as you type it.

Woman Hits face with Slingshotted Watermelon on TV

These wonderful Home Shopping Network Ladies did not realized that a slingshot could backfire and send a watermelon backwards.

Astronaut Tweet pics collected

Astronaut Douglas Wheelcock has posted pictures onto his Twitter account while living on a space station. This site has a couple of these pictures posted into one collection.

Man Invents World's Fastest Furniture

It travels at 130 Mile Per Hour and is great for fine dinning while wearing a helmet.

Asteroids to pass by Earth

Or they did yesterday anyway. So we all survived yay.

I Am Still Here debuts at Venice

Whether or not Joaquin Phoenix is faking it or not is unknown, what is known is that people have seen the film.

John Lennon's Killer unable to be paroled

He is currently serving a 20 year to life sentence and has reached time to be paroled a while back. John Lennon is still dead.

Man Runs for Governor using only Youtube

Marceux 2010 is by a man who intends to run for Governor without spending a ton of money. Will it work?

Fidel Castro had admitted that Communism didn't work

It's a weird NEWS blog, and this really isn't weird but really amazing. This could mean that Cuba could open up really soon. So... ¡Celebraciones a mis amigos en Cuba! Baile Cubanos!

Epic Black Car for Sale

This Craigslist Ad offers an Epic Black Car for sale in the Olympia area. It may or may not have run over Jacob while in Wolf form. It can power iPods. It is awesome.

Pokemon Fusion machine

Want to know what would happen if a Magikarp and a Alakazam mated?

College Students decide to remake Donkey Kong

Students at Columbia University are planning to take one of the Campus halls and turn it into a real life game of Donkey Kong.

Brees Rallies the Who Dats

I don't know what he is talking about either. I do know he is in his 40s and a quarterback for Florida.

Betty White Gets her own comic book

It is 32 pages long and is part of the Female Force Collection.

Betty White Gets her own comic book

It is 32 pages long and is part of the Female Force Collection.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Food Delivery

Back in the day, a delivery man would place milk at the door every morning. This ended when milk could actually stay in the fridge longer. So Tevye lost his job.

With the new internet ideas, the delivery of those groceries is coming back slowly.

Dr. Who on Wii

Dr. Who's Sonic Screwdriver is now for the Wii. There is no game for it, but Who cares?

Incepcion in Lego

Well at least part of it. Somewhere in his Flickr account are other references to the movie.

Incepcion in Lego

Well at least part of it. Somewhere in his Flickr account are other references to the movie.

The Great American Presidents Playing Pool

Found via Reddit, but the comments were so bad I decided to not Lincoln to it. Yes, they are all Republicans, and yes, all fairly famous. Except for Ford who is to the left of Eisenhower and below the Bushes. So yes, Ford below the bushes is an accurate description of this picture. Counting Theodore Roosevelt as a Republican is a bit of a stretch seeing as he founded the Bull Moose Party, so that should be Bull Moose by the Ford under the Bushes. Either way, I can't tell who is winning.

Google has courses on C++

Not found on Google search, on Google's website. There is even a part that teaches how to do a search protocol.

Videogame update

There are now programs that let a person create a modern full of effects videogame for the iPhone. The first is by ID which made the amazing Quake and Doom series. Their latest game program is called rage and here is an article and video on the subject.

The above is the Epic program for the iPhone and iPad. The cost for this program is free until you start making a lot of money.

This is all very impressive, but the controls still suck, and all of this could be done on a Wii. A good question to ask is why are they not done on the Wii? Because the same people above decided to not do it.

In other news, Valve Software, the creators of games like Half Life, Portal and Team Fortress, have said they are slowly working on making a movie based on Half Life. It will just take a long time since they are a videogame company and not Pixar.

Psychologists study the difference between good and bad dancing

They found that most good dancers do more than just flail there hands around and do the same step over and over again.

Psychologists study the difference between good and bad dancing

They found that most good dancers do more than just flail there hands around and do the same step over and over again.

The History of Disco in Bollywood films

As found here.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Predicting the future

This was filmed in the 1960's. It is accurate and deserves to be watched.

English Preposition

As a history major, I find out a lot of interesting things. Some of these things are interesting only to me. I doubt you care about ancient uses of pigs. On the other hand, there are things that seem to happen over and over again, of which pointing out does grab some interest. We make too many rules, and then get angry when the rules never actually work.

The best example is in the English language. Lets keep in mind, it is the big language in the world right now. There are all sorts of versions of English in this world. Just because a guy from Seattle and a Lady from Scotland speak the same language, doesn't mean they will understand each other.

English is an old Germanic language that slowly changed to what we know today. In the original tongue, Þe meant the. That strange letter is pronounced Th but looks a lot like a y. This is why you see Ye on signs whenever someone is trying to say something is old.

Seeing as English really is that old, there are some problems that no one wants to admit. Around the 12th century, the world was dominated by Latin. This meant that the smart people were all speaking Latin to each other, to show off how smart they really were. This wouldn't be too bad, but these same smart people started demanding that English follow the same rules. Keep in mind that Latin and German are completely different languages, and that trying to combine them creates a huge amount of confusion. This is coming from a kid who grew up speaking a Spanish/German mix as a kid. I still get headaches trying to figure out if a De means The or Of.

The Latin rule that gets misused too often into our language is prepositions. The word and idea are Latin and demand that a sentence never end in one. It never actually caught on, but the smart people kept demanding we follow this rule. This is not a joke, if it had caught on, then no one would ever correct another persons grammar on it. The English language has had so many people try to control it that the language itself is very confusing.

What gets my goat, is that the word for people who are constantly correcting English is Grammar Nazi. First, the word Nazi is a horrible thing to call anything. Germans in the US have huge festivals called Oktoberfest just to get everyone to stop calling them that word. Yet, Grammar Nazis are sort of proud that they know the rules so well. What is worse is that it is a completely incorrect name. They are correcting the Latin ideals of English, not the German common speech of everyone around them. Was sprache die?

Don't believe me? Here is a link to the Book of Mormon written in Dutch. It's OK to not know everything that is written, but I am sure you would notice that some of it looks and feels Pidgen. I could point to similar languages, where it seems almost like someone was speaking a Pidgen German instead of Swedish or Norwegian.

English changes as it wants to, and yes, gets new words all the time. Shakespeare is famous for creating all sorts of new words and ideas within his plays. Yet, today, if someone does the same thing, we call it stupid and make fun of the person. Keep in mind, these will likely be words that will be in the common speech soon enough. So to the Grammar Nazis who are ultimately ignoring the true rules of English just to make themselves look big, the word is actually Grammatist. Spell check doesn't even believe the word is real, but if you want English to be Latin, then you have to follow the rules completely.

Man insures hair for $1,000,000

Polamalu is a football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


This video is one of the best parodies I have ever seen.

Twitter Reported News of Hostage situation

This is even bigger when it was at the Discovery Chanel headquarters.

4000 people gather for world's largest water baloon fight

And a music video was made at the same time.

Cute Animal videos

About all I could get from this is that it is in a Persian speaking area.

This video of otters was much easier to figure out. It took place in Chester England.

NASA planning mission to the Sun

Which is a really great idea, right along with a moon mission, or the mission to mars...

Top 200 songs of the 90's

In all honesty, I don't recognize most of these songs.

Famous Smoking Baby quits the habit

He had to be put into rehab and be separated from his parents for a while.

Sandman TV show

The Sandman is a comic book series from the early 90's about dream traveling otherworldly characters. The author was Neil Gaiman who has gained a large following. It was announced that the series is being altered to become a TV show. The producer is Erik Kripke who made Supernatural semi based on Gaiman's book American Gods.

A Book on what a book is

It is for Children who may wonder what those strange paper things are.

French Town tries to get special tourists

Specifically the not from earth kind. Ares in South Western France has a landing pad ready for any space tourists that would want to visit.

Horse at the Apple Store

An entire article on why a small horse is at an Apple store. Seeing as I grew up in Idaho, I would say the horse was looking for apples.

Pranks in Iraq are hardcore

A man placed a fake bomb in the hood of a car in Iraq as a joke.

An Interview with Harrison Ford right after Star Wars came out

Bobbie Wygant Interviews Harrison Ford for Star Wars 1977 from on Vimeo.

He has no idea
that he will be Indiana Jones at all.

I am posting an Infographic on infographics that tells us why posting about infographics is wrong

So I will have a link and not a picture.

New NEWS Meme Song

From the same people that made Rainbow and Hide yo Wife. Its Backin up.

Wolrd's Largest Pool

That isn't a lake, its a pool. It is found in Chile and covers 20 acres of land.

Waves hit Cruise

A ship in the Pacific Sun Cruise hits some waves and throws its passengers and furniture around.

World's Largest Squirrel

It is found in India and called the Indian Giant Squirrel.

Snake Robots

Carnegie Melon University bio department has a robotic snake. Anyone else creeped out?

Pixar releases pictures of dropped movie

Newt was to be a film on Newts being captured and kept as pets. The movie was dropped, but many of the pictures have been posted on facebook for fans to enjoy.

Zombies 101

A new class at the University of Baltimore offers to teach students about modern day zombies. The final paper may be a script on a zombie movie.

95 boas found in suitcase

A man was arrested in Malaysia for attempting to smuggle boas.

Town makes up puppy rescuer to save little girl

A video of a girl throwing puppies into a river has hit youtube. I can only find responses to the video and not the video itself. In an attempt to save the girl from the internets, the town she lived in made up a story of an old woman that saved the puppies.

Buzz Lightyear the carrot

A carrot that looks somewhat like Buzz Lightyear was found by gardener Clive Williams.

Buzz Lightyear the carrot

A carrot that looks somewhat like Buzz Lightyear was found by gardener Clive Williams.

Google makes logo animated

The Google logo is usually something interesting, but today it is more than that. Today it is animated.

This is obviously being used to promote the new HTML5 set up that is supposed to blow away flash. It really doesn't, not because of what it can do on one end, but how easy it is to build from.

Do the Konami code and get the screen to flip in Google Docs.

Google to open music shop

Which means that they are challenging Apple. Though to me personally, the best feature being presented is the phone calls through GMails.

Man Catches Giant Goldfish

Rapheal Biagini was able to catch a 30 Lbs goldfish that hunted a lake in Southern France. It was released right after the picture was taken.

Lightening Rockets

If you are trying to figure out what is going on. The Rocket is creating a clear path for the lightening to follow. That is why the traveling light seems to be moving in such a straight path. Entirely why this works is unknown. It does make me jealous of the scientists following it though.

Man who scales Skyscrapers arrested

A man who uses suction cups and skill to climb up the side of tall buildings was arrested. Spiderman could not be found for comment.

Hugo Awards given out

The Hugo is one of the biggest Science Fiction Writer awards out there. This years winners include The City and the City and other greats.

New World's Shortest Man

Because of the death of He Pingping, the search for a new shortest man took place. Within days, they found a break dancing Colombian who is only 27 inches tall.

Art Update: Bullets and Space Ships

Rik Allen uses his sculpting skills to bring back the old 50's feel of alien space ships.

Alexander Augusteijn of the Netherlands uses fast cameras to photograph bullets cutting raindrops in half.

Power Laces

Someone is designing a shoe that tightens its own laces. Within 5 years, coats will be drying themselves and looking very 80's.

I just had to type in Back to The Future 2 to find this video. I look forward to hover boards.

Lion Hugs Woman

A Lion enjoys giving its rescuer a hug and kiss.

Time Lapse video of Earth.. From Space

There are times where everyone is completely jealous of a specific person. I think Astronauts must love it, because just about everyone is jealous of them.

Bubble Room in the Lake

The best part of this video is the story it tells. Although the creation really isn't that new, the use of it and camera work are amazing.

Epic Mickey Video

This is for the game, Epic Mickey, that will be released sometime this year. The game will be for the Nintendo Wii and looks amazing.

Galactic Empire invades!

The best part about this picture is that it looks like the AT-ATs are attacking La'ie. Luckily for everyone here in Hawai'i it is actually Sussex England. Luckily for everyone in England, it is actually a photoshop job.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

5 big budget movies that actually followed science

This list gives out how movies get science right, and how some movies get it wrong, with examples along the way.

Videogame update

Rick Roll is now a weapon on Doom. Right up there with the mighty Vuvuzela

Kotaku is having a week dedicated to guns. The most interesting article has been that the creator of home videogames was a gun expert in World War II.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Man Dies in Hunger Strike

He was protesting that his land was being taken from him illegally. The Venezuelan farmer did several protests, including such things as cutting off his little finger, and having his mouth sown shut.

Videogame Addiction

South Korean Psychiatrists are now prescribing drugs for Star Craft players addicted to the game. To prove this they showed pictures of Zerglings to those on drugs and those off. How did they get the control group?

A man is suing NC Soft for their game Lineage II saying they should pay for his addiction to the game. He claims he has put in 20,000 hours into the game and is unable to clothe himself properly because of the game.

Speaking of games that are addictive, Check out Warlock Bentspine.

Doctor Gets Stuck in Chimney and dies

I have no idea why it is important to list her as a doctor. She was stuck in her old boy friends chimney, and it is believed she was trying to sneak in. She was a doctor not Santa Claus.