Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Troy Polamalu Insure's hair for One Million Dollars

Troy Polamalu plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers and is proudly Samoan. His hair is over 3feet long and is endorsed by Head and Shoulders.

For further reading, I found this article right here on Samoan Hairstyles.

United States as done by planets from Star Wars

If you can figure out each planet to each state, congrats.


A classic picture is outlined from the chapter written about it.

Gmail sorts itself

Gmail will now pick the more important emails and keep them on the top of the field.

Remi Gaillard Uses Parkour as a prank

Remi Gaillard enjoys pulling pranks on people. The video above has him annoying big guys and then escaping.

People gathered at a beach dressed in formal wear

Personally I wish I could have joined them. I have always wanted to go skateboarding in a tuxedo. Going to the beach would be just as fun.

600 Hanna Barbera Characters

This link takes you to outline just about every single Hanna Barbera character known to man.

Office Sticky Notes in experimental form

Sticky Note Experiment by EepyBird from Eepybird on Vimeo.
The highly intelligent scientists who brought you tests of mentos in coke, now give you sticky note experiments.

Can you guess all of the oldschool games being referenced

This video shows joke references to just about every game released for the NES, and those people who loved playing them.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Running on Water Ad

This ad above was made to promote the Hi-Tec shoe brand. The Hi-Tec website admits to this. The runners are on a platform just below the water. The camera is placed so that the water reflects instead of showing the platform. Pretty smart stuff.

Baby used for bizarre science experiment!

This baby is being used to control a knew type of wheelchair design. As you can see, when she leans forward the chair moves forward. When she leans to the right, or turns to the right, so does the wheelchair. The device is actually an electric wheelchair hooked up to a Wii Fit balance board. The baby seems unharmed in the video.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The history of the USSR

The best part is the accuracy of this video.

Blockbuster to declare bankruptcy

Blockbusters, the video rental chain, has announced that it will declare bankruptcy soon. This is hopes to restructure while paying off large amounts of debts.

The Bible Online Game

It is like Farmville only set in biblical times and places. You get to choose your favorite prophet and raise the land just like him. I would be hoping to be Elisha. With Ehud by my side, we would totally be kicking Assyrian armies out of the land of Milk and Honey without even lifting a finger.

Der Kinderfreffer -Child Eater

The Child Eater was the boogey man of the 16th century. The problem was, at this time in history, there really could have been a cannibalistic maniac who ate children loose upon the land.

Sci Fi Writers of Modern Times

There are 2,000 of them from 1990 t0 today. That is the population of a small town. They could have their own get together of just published authors. This article has each one listed and what kind of books they have written.

World War II Propaganda Posters

World War II is considered one of the greatest wars ever. I have no real idea who does this judging, but I think it would be considered completely Ok if the East German judge gave it a really low score. You will note the Israeli judge would not be allowed to even give a score. To keep people from doing crazy things like telling their friends about where they were going, the countries were scared to death this information would get into the wrong hands. This led to a lower moral, so these great posters were made to keep people thinking that the entire war was actually a giant game of Power Rangers. On the US side was Liberty, Japan had a giant Samurai Warrior, and Germany had Hitler. Russia didn't have a giant robot, but it did have enough brave people, who looked as if they were constantly spacing yet able to destroy most of the world.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Creator of the word Kowabunga dies

He was also a writer for the kids show Howdy Doody.

WikiLeaks Sexual Abuse charges are not conspiracy

Swedish prosecutors deny that the charges by two women are an attempt to destroy the wikileaks founder. Wikileaks is famous for posting pictures and articles held in high security or private hands. This includes Sarah Palin's private email, and the leak of the British school that was falsifying information on Global Warming.

Philidelphia charges bloggers $300 a blog

It appears that the city of Brotherly Love considers blogging to be a business, and therefore in need of the business license. In other news, Philly ran out of money.

Emrbionic Stem Cell research halted by courts

And it turns out that a lot of the promises about the research was just ideas of what could be done.

Movie Poster

If you can guess every character and film in this poster, you are equal to me in movie buff knowledge.

Amazing videos

A flame thrower trombone.

This video was shown to announce the writers for Conan O'Brien at the Emmy's.

The internet mapped out

This map shows the icon of the page and the size shows the amount of hits it has.

North Korea denies it has a facebook

Partially because facebook banned the page.

Funniest Joke on the Fringe

Keep in mind the award is British, so you may have to think on this one.

“I’ve just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I’ll tell you what, never again.”

Star Wars in 19th century fashion

There are several versions of this idea. Greg Peltz is just the latest one.

Hitler was a Black Jew

DNA tests show that Adolph Hitler had ancestry to Morocco Jews. Well his relatives did anyway.

Evil Cat Lady

A woman was caught by security cameras throwing a living cat into a garbage can. Check out this link for more information and many many tapes on the matter.

Fire Tornado

Captured on film by Russian News. It is from Sao Palo Brazil and is being caused by a bad dry season.

The Great Moon Hoax of 1835

It seems a newspaper in London reported that there were trees and bat creatures on the moon. The report was entirely made up, but was believed so much that it showed up in all sorts of things for several years.

fascinating no?

Medical Marijuana User wants to be Police Officer

The marijuana is for epilepsy. A former coworker reports from my old job.

Sean Connery is 80 today

August 25th, 1930. The song is from him singing a Beatles song.

Friday, August 20, 2010

North Korean Government Gets Twitter,youtube, Facebook account

The picture above shows both South Korea and North Korea. The one without lights except one dinky spot is North Korea. The capitol Pyangyong is the only city in the country. It is also the only place that receives electricity.

I keep hoping this picture is just a bad day for the guy but really just a mistake. The more you study on the history of North Korea though and you find yourself in a bit of a reality shock.

This same country has a twitter account. I am still looking for the account itself but it has made the news all over the place. The theory is that this is the only way for North Korea to talk to the outside world. Possibly because there have been enough warnings from people to not believe the normal people promoting North Korean politics. The old method used people to move into the country and take their money. The Facebook account is down for the moment, but I am continuing to look. The honest response is that the facebook account might have been a joke. However the youtube account is up and ready.
The only thing I can really say is

I just found the website. It looks like a website from the 1990's.
New Update:
And now for the Twitter Account.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alligator hunting season

Florida has a season to hunt alligators. Another reason why Hawai'i is better.

Okotanpe the Glass Ball Juggler

Okotanpe is a glass juggler. He has a youtube account with his more advanced and artistic jobs. The opening flame one is pretty impressive. There is also a website dedicated to him, though it is entirely in Japanese.

Here is an interview with him.

Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky's photostream

Sergey was asked to photograph the wilds of Russia in the 1910's. He used a new form of color film that made three separate images based on the color scale. In other words, there was a picture that showed the yellows, one that showed the blues, and another that showed the reds. These pictures would combine to make the great pictures seen here.

Old Genttle Man's article

Gentlemen wore hats and were able to show how high up they were by there hats.

Coca Cola Village has a Facebook Thumbs up sign

The sign works by someone just pressing the button. Coca Cola village is found in Israel.

Communist China propoganda Beat it

Someone has taken Michael Jackson's Beat it and put it into a Communist China propaganda video. The more you know, the funnier this video gets.

Vladimir Puting Action figure

This is the "Fishing" model.

Bears Guard Marijuana... Steal some

Mounted police found over 2300 potted pot hidden away. Several bears were found wandering around guarding the marijuana in an amiable way.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lou Gherig didn't die of Lou Gherig's disease

It seems He died of head trauma instead.

Quasimodo was based on a real person

It seems that while Victor Hugo was doing research for the book Hunchback of Notre Damme there was a real hunchback who was working as a sculptor in Paris.

Journalism labels

Tom Scottt decided to make labels for his local paper. He is releasing these labels on his papers where ever he can.

Moon Walk in the air

This man holds himself up on a bar to do the moonwalk in air.

Several Hundred thousannd fireworks at one time

The video looks like a sci-fi movie canon.

The Fridge of the Future

It is made of some strange jello that lets you put in whatever you want. A tiny bubble is made for each item allowing everything to not bother other stuff. It looks insane and is likely the wave of the future.

A real life racing game

RACER DEMO 0.1 - video game mashup from sputnic on Vimeo.

These guys have connected a camera to a radio controlled car, and then transmitted the video to an arcade cabinet. They then built a track for the RC Car.

Art smaller than the eye of a needle

This man creates sculptures using a microscope and patience. He says he has accidentally inhaled some of his sculptures.

This Clothes Washer has a good beat

Seeing as most refrigerators and freezers make sounds that sometimes have a nice beat, this is the first ever recorded showing of a clothes washer.

Do you know the evolutionairy joke history of LolCats?

This family chart will help you understand the intricate knowledge of how such strange ideas as Long Cat have come to be.

Do Tigers like Catnip

This big cat rescue finds out

Free Phonecalls using Facebook

Vonage has promised that an app will allow you to call up your buddies phone using facebook.

Feds keeping Airport body scans

Some federal investigators have admitted that they have kept the images from body scans in airport security checkpoints. It was originally promised that this would not happen.

Water Powered Jet

This would be a perfect solution for the island hopping person in Hawai'i. The water pack goes on for hours, so long as it has enough power and water. There is a height limit because of the hose that is sucking up the water from below.

Trained Police Dogs

These dogs are fully trained and ready to keep their human companions safe. They move with a speed and accuracy that is scary. Indeed I would say, "You go dog."

San Francisco at the beginning of last century

The more you watch this video, the more you can see the mindset of the average person in San Francisco of that time. The train car is slow, so slow that I probably could have out run it on the streets without really trying.

North Korea in Funk

The original videos were to show North Koreans what an amazing country they had. They are promoted so hard that it gets to the level of ridiculousness. If you would like to know more information, take Brother Murdock's class on North Eastern Asian history.

Ghostbusteers Backpack

Ghostbusters was a Movie series and Cartoon show in the 80's. It was so enjoyed by youth that many children would tie a stick to their backpacks and pretend to have a proton pack. Someone out there remembers this.


The song being heard from the popcorn is called Popcorn. It was created by a Swedish techno group in the 1960's. There have been several renditions of it, including one by Crazy Frog. (Note how I am not posting a link to it.) Here you can find several of the editions and listen to how it was changed over the years.

Slow Motion Cat

A man videotaped his cat doing cat things. The process of slow motion videoing involves taking more frames per second than the average speed. A normal video will show something around 30-60 frames a second for any video, while the video of the cat is showing 400 frames a second. This makes a fluid motion of the cat slowly jumping out of the box.

A cannon the size of a finger destroys stuff

This cannon is classically built, but so small it could fit onto a hand. This would be a bad idea because it works perfectly well.

Prince Mongo is a publicity Nut

Prince Mongo is the name of a fairly wealthy man who enjoys getting attention. No one really knows where his money comes from, only that he specifically works to annoy people to call the police and give him some free publicity. There are so many stories about this man that it is difficult to tell just a few. He would keep piles of junk in his front yard, repaint his outer walls to ugly colors, and never once wore shoes. He also owned a bar and sold to minors. He owns 5 homes, 2 in Tennessee and 2 in Florida. The 5th one is unknown, but some guess

Tokyo University Totally wants to change your opinions on stale cookies

Tokyo University has created a meta cookie. It is a stale bland cookie with a special design on it that a computer will recognize and respond too. The computer will switch the image of the cookie and then the smell and taste of the cookie so that the person eating it will experience a good cookie taste. Just think, a few years into the future, people will be hacking computers using cookies. Macguyver would be proud.

This Woman Demands Chicken Nuggets

This video shows a woman attack a person at a McDonalds because she wanted Chicken McNuggets.

Pictures of Politicians When they were younger

Some are easily recognizable, and others simply not. These are old highschool photos of many big time politicians of today.

Videogame Updates

Star Craft 2 has a level editor that actually allows the creator to make more than just Star Craft style games. This amazing game was made as a multiplayer over the shoulder zombie shooting game.

Facial Hair and the lack of it seems to be a common thing for videogames. Usually we believe the big amazing warriors have no mustache at all, so what would happen if they were given some facial hair?

Some people enjoy making art for games that never existed. A competition on this website challenges game makers to look for such art and then make a game based on it. The big message here is free games.

Because of the release of Star Craft 2, South Korea companies have been promoting this.

Blargh is a website

Thats all I know, except maybe that it is the opposite of Ping.

Unicorn Song

This song is for children in Ireland. The office Mascot, Hyrum loves this song. While singing it, many have pointed out that it sounds like Yellow Submarine by the Beatles.

Pop Up Books as Art

These pop up books are supposedly a children's toy. Peter Dahman of Germany made these and others to support his portfolio.

Parkour champs

Parkour is the art of running in France. Parkour champs combine aerobatics, combat running skills, and imagination to run across Paris will style. This link shows the top videos found on Parkour.

Japanese Man plays Star Wars on an Organ

Maru plays the organ better than anyone I have ever seen.

Obey the Rules

Or the new Podcaster for the Ke Alaka'i, Bart Jolley will get you.

Amazing classic photos

I don't know the exact history of these photos/drawings. They were taken in the 1890's and put on postcards.

Fish that glow in the dark

These fish are for sale and have a glowing personality. They were specially bred to glow in the dark and make your mind go insane.

Dolphin Submarine Boat Gets Airborne

This boat can go underwater and catches air.

Roger Federer Can hit a can off a head

William Tell once shot an apple of his son's head with a bow and arrow. Roger Federer hit a tin can off of someone's head using a tennis serve. The best part is he compensated for the guy to duck.

3 Year Old Memorizes Poetry

This child has memorized "Litany" by Billy Collins. I was learning how to ride a bike when this kid was memorizing poetry.

An Eastern Orthodox Priest Skateboards

Notice how he never did a single jump. Still though, he has excellent balance and can talk all while doing some cool moves.

Elves are real... Sort of

This man believes elves are real and right where he is standing.

Not that flooded rescue

It appears that a horrible flood, was small enough that a dog could walk through it.

Videogame hidden picture

For the 50th issue of Level magazine, this picture will make the cover.

Nintendo Wii will help uDraw

The uDraw is a drawing tablet used by artists that will hook up to a Nintendo Wii controller. There are several games previewed in this article. The big thing here is that it is actually being made by a company other than Nintendo. The major parts of the uDraw is that you can make drawings and then save them onto an SD card. Will this work out? We will have to see.

Ginger Pop Matryoshka

A woman named Ginger has created Matryoshka dolls that are painted to look like famous pop stars. A matryoshka is where a doll is inside of a doll which is inside of a doll. Such great pop sensations as Guns N Roses, The Beatles, The Golden Girls, and Saved By the Bell were made into the stackable dolls.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The destruction of Libraries

A writer talks about what is very likely happening to hundreds of libraries around the world. The backlog of books in storage are being destroyed because it is assumed that the books will be found on Google Books.

The idea of destroying libraries because they will be found on a database somewhere was expected. With the introduction of eBooks and all of that stuff it was expected completely by economic theorists over a decade ago. Yet the idea of losing them so suddenly has had an impact on several people who love the feeling of books.

A historian explores old books to find information. The library is the natural state of a historian, and they tend to have a large supply of books at their homes. I have about 50 books just sitting around my room, these were entirely after leaving home to this school a year ago. Most of them are actually from the discontinued section of the schools library. It feels like a hunting trip to find things that no one else has seen before.

On the other hand, finding old texts is much easier now that it can be downloaded to an eReader like the Kindle. Let's also be honest that the price is way lower than some of the books that are required for school. Check that same link to see what some book sellers and dealers are trying to charge for buying the eBook.

So taking something from the past and changing it has its challenges.

Then we have publishers. There is Authonomy where an author can post their book and pray the other authors with the same desire like it. Then the eBooks market has two major publishers in Amazon and Google. We would include Apple in this, but it doesn't look like Apple gets it. They are using regular publishing companies to post their books.

The problems comes down to the reality that more people can write and would like to be published today then years before. Computers have made it easier to type and edit a book than in the days of Heinlein, Asimov and Kafka. This means that the usual means of publishing has hit a large snag. There is simply not enough people to read the slush pile, and not enough money to publish all of the books in the traditional way.

So the eBook wins, how people get published is unknown. What happens to the old printed books is unknown as well. We just know that it scares some people, and that libraries are going to be very different.

Japan is missing some people

Around 200 people over 100 in Japan are missing, but their families are collecting retirement checks.

Transformer Furniture


This furniture is designed to help find extra storage in ordinary places. This means that stuff you misplaced could be anywhere.

Manly Things

Darth Vader as either a Samurai or Batman are manly.

Being the President of a country and fighting fires is manly

The above video is manly.

Losing inmates at a prison because you were too busy playing Plants vs Zombies is not manly at all.

A Komodo Dragon turns 8

This is not why I am posting the picture. There is a hat on the dragon. This thing would eat people in the wild, how did they get the hat on the thing? They also left a present of a meat cake with 8 dead mice. Children watched as the Dragon ate the mice.


This article is about how Yahoo went from amazing company that had it's own magazine -I had a subscription as a gift from a friend- to almost completely forgotten.

Google View the Google View Cars

Thats what happens when you drive in Holland. All of the streets will make you do turns you didn't expect, and suddenly you are driving up when you should be driving down. So the good people of Google discovered this.

This video is haunting and weird at the same time

Between Bears from Eran Hilleli on Vimeo.

No it doesn't make any more sense to me either.

Spooky Ads

The ads you will be looking will make you disturbed or flinch very hard. There are babies with razors, Santa Claus smoking, and a reference to 9/11.

Speaking of things that will disturb you, someone has proposed that power lines look like giants.

Spooky Ads

The ads you will be looking will make you disturbed or flinch very hard. There are babies with razors, Santa Claus smoking, and a reference to 9/11.

Fights in Pro Baseball Then and Now

Back in 1982

Now... Sorry for the music.

Hey guys, this isn't hockey

This is all nothing to the Taiwanese Parliament.

Conan coming to TBS

A nice reference to Monty Python video style.

The next video is completely unrelated.

Pictures of Europe in 1906

Boing Boing has posted some very wonderful pictures of Europe. There are pictures of places that friends and family have been to. I was especially enthused by the pictures of Schwerin.

The Rubiks Cube

The Rubik's Cube is a device that was created to make smart people be quiet. I would set it up for my roommate Tuan and stop worrying about him for at least 5 minutes. He would have solved the cube about 4 times in that 5 minutes.

Will Smith likes the cube.

Of course the article doesn't realize that Will Smith is really good at the Cube anyway.

Will would be impressed by today's announcement that any Rubik's Cube can be solved in 20 moves. So I guess Tuan is now just going to look at the cube with disdain.

Top Campsites

The best places to go camping within the US mainland. Almost every single one is in the Rocky Mountain side of the country. In other words, most of the mainlanders from the US have been to these places. Check it out.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Los Tolos win Lip Synching Contest

But only one of them was named Tolo.

Two for one Post

A flight Attendant uses the inflatable slide to quit.

Girl lies about having Cancer.

Predict Murder

With Computers!

Man Walks Amazon

Still won't get his books.

Door Art

Not what you were thinking

Sauna Competition kills

In Finland.


Yeah its both cool and dumb at the same time.

Hotel Train

Some Hotels are just cool on their own.


Thats the name of the people you are looking at. They raise reindeer and are the basis for the idea of Santa Claus' sleigh. Guess what, they are found in northern Sweden.

Art project

Interesting idea.


I shall call it home.

Radioactive Boars

Where is my hunting sword and super shield?


This is what they look at every day.

How many books are there in the world?

A lot

Cool Story

Test Tube Baby has Normal Everyday Baby, and writes about it.


Monstrous Wildlife from Frank Robnik on Vimeo.

It took me a while to get the movie reference.

Ninja Skills

The fence was short, but who cares.


i saw someone do this while I was playing soccer.


Right there at lollapalooza

Sheep and Hobbits finally reunited

At Last.

Monkey Baseball

Uploaded by vertonjamms. - See video of the biggest web video personalities.

Like the Fence would stop them


Liquid Pencil

It works like a pen, but erases like a pencil.

10 seconds

After it all loads up, wait ten seconds.


And how it works.

Avengers the 1950' flicks

Ok, I admit it, I love the Avengers

The US 100 years ago

This is what it looked like.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010



Creepy Crawly

Pictures of them.

Theives like

These four vehicles.

Strange Science news

There you go.


This link is about them.

Google Earth

It knows if you have a pool.

Serious air.

Abbey Road

Now with webcam.

Classic Bike

It is something I want to own.

8 bit modern

Um, some of these games were in 16 bit. I mean, Mario Kart was sold for the Super Nintendo.

REally not funny

Just amazing pictures of the Russian forest fire.

Car Wash

Got an extra $14,000?

Space Show

Check it out.


As told by Ducktales.

Parking Bus

What the heck?

A Mayor Shoots himself

It was only blue rays though.

Apple Store

Some guy gets bored.


They are dumb hah hah... My sister didn't get it. Though really I think the joke isn't really intelligent.

Nice response back

Trek Fish.

7 year old painter

Makes nearly $300,000.


Star Wars and Muppets.

There are Monkey Annoyance Experts

They know about the flying squirrels

The Simpsons predict the future

Sort of.


Now with maps built into them.

Tokyo has old people

Some of them are older than others.

No real explanation

It's a Japanese instrument playing a cover song.


North Korean Funk

After studying all of this in a history class, this video actually relieved a lot of stress for me.

Japanese Weirdness

A friend of mine wants to point out that the Japanese can be completely sane as well.

Glow in the Dark Toilet

Think they were high?


Roger Corman B Film Fun!

Nerd Scout Badges

I would have earned these in a fortnight.

xkcd Author

Here is an interview with Randall Munroe.

Water Pump jet

Sean Connery Bond would love this

Go Lamers

Trucking for you!

These dogs are awesome

Beautiful yet confusing

Robot Love

Feel like roughing it?

Then take this with you.

MS Carrier no longer exists

Seeing as they were miscariers I am glad. The motto used to be "We deliver the future."