Saturday, July 31, 2010

Well that took a while

The love story is great. It took me 15 minutes to post it though.

Exploding Watermelons

Celebrity homes

As found on google maps.

Exploring Mars

The Childrens book.

Google Earth

Now for those who want to watch the weather.

Jon Schmidt

New and Old

Much of europe lets you see the past.

North Korean Soccer

I studied North East Asian history under Brother Murdock. Holy Crap man, that place is screwed up.

Youtube longer

You can now upload up to 15 minutes of stuff per video.


Of the times in LA.

Pinball Adventure

More fun than it lets on.

Thats a lot of ninja

2D Games coming out

After Super Mario Wii selling more than all of the way cool brown and gray first person shooters it would be expected that there might be some looking into the side scroller thing.

Cats for Gold

Now you know why the Crazy Cat Lady is poor.

I'm Scared

I typed that in and got this site.

Pixel Art

Stuff like Mario Bros and stuff is pixel art.

Photoshoped squirrel

Now if it was a moose and squirrel we would know it was photoshopped.

Sweet moves

This little girl has them.

No real way to say this correctly

A Nigerian couple living in England was shocked to realize they were the proud parents of a blonde haired blue eyed little girl.

Jane Austen's Fight Club

Dog Scratches

Cat Robots

An attempt at a deeper blonde joke

It doesn't go too deep but I think they are trying to keep it that.

My book

I wrote a book, here you can read it.

This machine works

We just don't know why.

What Company knows what about you

Facebook knows.


It has a good logical reason to exist.

The blue box

Many a hacker historian knows about these strange devices. Did we mention Steve Jobs used to sell them?

Parkour con Ladders

They are slowly going insane. I keep waiting for them to show up with guns.

Kiwi on a treadmill

So the news reports.

kitteh in the record store

Oh yeah!

Top Gear Makes a rocket

I look forward to seeing the rabbit rocket fans unite.


Here is a picture of it that is 70 megapixels big.


This video makes none.

Sci-fi gun

Or just 500,000 fireworks.

The Simpson's rule

Both the first 5 seasons and math.

New Amazon Kindle

Not really weird just more that its now got the super cool model and the nice enough model, and they are both cheaper than the iPad.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Motorized Couch

Only at BYU.

Can you guess the background?

I think its Kaneohe, but I could be wrong.

How to give a Possum a pedicure

Well now you know its possible, but did you really want to know?

Watch this all day

I bet you can.

Grocery Store Awesome

Not quite Weird until I point out the history

Arnold Friberg just recently passed away. He drew most of the pictures found in the hand out Book of Mormon. Many of his pictures are what people imagine when they think of the people in the BoM.

I decided to show some of the artists that remind me of Friberg's work.

Roerich first comes to mind.

In fact most Germanic/Viking types work here.

Albrecht Altdorfer
and his group pictures.

Or Casper David Frederich with his natural moments.

The honest truth is that his art style was a common thing in Germany in the early 20th century. Even Hitler drew like that. Yet the truth is, Nephi, Lehi, Laman, Lemuel, Samuel, and Abinidi probably looked nothing like the pictures that portrayed them.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dead Skyscraper the Game

This game is a bit artsy, but it should be fun.

Amazon destroying publishing

First they sold the books and now they publish them.

Didn't he ask for these books to be burnt?

And yet people are fighting over the ashes.

Midi Organ

Here is the story of such a device.

Make your own glow sticks


A new wooden stonehenge found

Well ok, its not really stone henge because its made of wood. But saying woodhenge would have confused some. It makes me think that the ancient people had several different options to chose from before the stone version was put in.
"Can you move that 900 meters to the right?"
"Then build another one and make it of wood until we find a nice spot."
"Stupid Feng Shui."

Darth Vader holds up bank

If it was for child support the world just got funny.

Tarp Surfing

There is a guy with a nice fedora and glass, he is not me. I think.

Harry Potter the Sequel the Play

No really. Caution, I haven't watched the entire thing so I have no idea what might happen next.

Do you have a fear of clowns

Well now you do.

Mario and other games

I thought I would save myself some grief. Here are some great pictures of Mario.

And here are some great games that should have a modern sequel.

Ducks join police

An MRI of a melon

Mine never looked like that.

I think you have all seen this one

But just to make sure.

Knock out in dandruff

Dandruff is my best guess.

This is an unregistered mirror

Can you imagine the screen saver on this thing? Nothing but Team Jacob pictures.

Remember how the French team went on strike

France the country has a response to that.

Mila's Day Dreams

Mom and Dad have a lot of time on their hands.

A Parrot does 20 tricks in 2 minutes

And the dog can only do 5 tricks, 6 if you include not peeing in the house.

Good Ball Dribbling

This video will put a small tear to your eye

Even in this state, it is singing.

Surfing the High Way

In mother Russia, Internet posts you surfing highway.

Yo Yos

They make bald men wearing cool glasses look like idiots.

For those that know how to yo yo, check out how he winds his yo yo when its stalled.

Not tetris

This is exactly what it sounds like.

Drive in Theater

How to build one

Random Word typed in its exactly what it sounds like. If you think something in here is dumb, you are correct.

Videogames as Street Art

Some people go the extra mile... or warp pipe.

Cat learns to walk by swimming

My cat would have killed me first.

Golf as Art

Our old intern is in one of these pictures.

Man who figured out Price is Right is intervviewed

My friend Adam David sent this in.

Man attacks wife with Poutine

I just realized it is the french word for Pudding. The meal is homemade frenchfries with cheese and gravy. Either way, I just discovered a great recipe in the middle of this article on assault.

Cheerleading is not a sport.

It is however more dangerous than the debate club.

Made by the guy who made Strider

And look, its gone power rangers.

2D games coming out

After playing a ton of Super Mario Wii, it is good to know I will have more games to play like it very soon.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Strange cooking

Eat Me Daily has caught my fancy. The first comical food blog I have ever found. It has Snoop Dog making brownies with Martha Stewart, High Tech Cookies, and bread with a needle and thread. It has become a staple in my house.


Some involve dancing chicken men.

A question

Exactly how difficult would it be to make food out of this? Just imagine someone trying to spin this.

Round Table

Historians believe they found it.

Plato was musical

He wrote about pi.


In Iran, there is such thing as an illegal hairstyle. Surprisingly the mullet is not one of them.


South Africa

It is an amazing country. Some are willing to go to great feets, and others are Spain.

Manga Bento

The Manga fan group on Oahu.

Bionic Cat

Flying Cars

Slowly becoming a reality.


This picture has it in spades.


Someone set my Wii to this small island nation in the bahamas.

This is how I found out about the Barefoot Bandit


Some of the greatest stuff on earth, now for sale. Viva la Interneta

Tour of Nintendo's office in 1989

The kids book no less.

When I leave this island, these are the things I will remember

A friends friend made this.

Dumb Geek Robs store

He isn't even holding the thing right. It makes me realize that the second store clerk was a geek and knew this guy was full of it.

Zombie Harmony

Sadly, this isn't a real site.

Thanks Dustin Geddes

Dustin was the Intern here when I first began to post on this blog. He and his band moved to Portland.

You can dowload this song here.

Evil Clowns

Do you have a friend with a phobia of clowns? Never show them this.

Old Spice Handsome Guy

We got a kick out of watching videos about him yesterday. Here is a way to have him do your voice message.


By Odin's Eye no. First pics of Odin, Loki and Thor for the new Thor movie.

If you think that is very geeky of me, it gets a little bit worse. I don't read the comics, I do however study ancient histories of Germanic peoples of which Thor shows up on occasion.


This blog shows letters written by famous people or dealing with famous things. My favorites were about Fawlty Towers and Pixar.

Storm Troopers

Some are cooler than others.

Cat vs Bear

Mine would have hidden under the bed.

The ever revolving internet

It keeps spinning as the world goes round.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Double Rainbow the song

I actually had a hard time watching the original. Thank goodness someone did this.

I heartily agree

The CSI EffectSource: Forensic Science

What did you just figure out?

Well, I always figured adults knew what they were doing. Apparently so did they, just no one told them they were adults.

Worlds Largest Skateboard

If they get that thing to Ollie...

Worlds Largest Skateboard

If they get that thing to Ollie...

Not really news but I so wish it was

New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products

The Beatles perform for Ringo

Life is better now.

Lego Warfare

I love how he is holding up the gun.

World Cup Cocaine

Save the Mullet

So then we can remember the 80's better.

Money Laundering

I am sure they do the other kind as well.

Well thats creepy

No really, its just creepy.

Ever gone fishing and gotten a trash bag or a tire?

These guys decided to just get the rest of the car as well.

Man threatens to destroy world with popcorn

Shrimp saves day. Check out the closed captions.

If Nutella was banned

I would riot with them.

Squid Shark Ocean vs Stop sign sun

And now its stuck in your head. Check out the subtitles.

Expensive flights

I feel sorry for Sacremento. This guy has a bunch of other articles that are fun to read. So explore the site and enjoy.

Lego House

The lego blanket will suck

Taiwan Parliamentary Procedure is better than WWE

The idea that most politicians believe in is that whoever has the microphone has the floor. Nothing is scheduled, they just fight for the mic. I have been informed that videos like this are very common and that I should search for more.

Python found in school locker

Imagine the janitors surprise. I mean, usually its bug bombs or something.

The Geese we just killed will be mourned

With a lot of orange sauce.

Drug store Sweets

I always thought they tasted bad.

Dublin Zoo happy Stolen Penguin is returned

I look forward to when the thieves try to steal the elephant.

The true villain in Iron Man

Holds his Mom hostage.

Catholic Priest to visit water park to see if the visage of Jesus really is on a lifeguard flag

Keep in mind, the priest is not the one who is high, its everyone else involved.

All four Stanzas of the Star Spangled Banner

Asimov tells the story.

Cheating at the World Cup

I still say Holland beat Paraguay Hands down.

Ecplise rewrite

Eric Snyder has written a script for each movie. By and far he gets it down pat.

Buzz Aldrin punches a dude

One of the few times I will post from Huffington.

Cat plays Fetch

i had a cat like that.

Man dies while watching Twilight movie

It was the acting.

Man dies while watching Twilight movie

It was the acting.

Vuvuzela in the blender

It blends!

Marijuana in the vuvuzela

I don't know if anyone noticed that they weren't being blown, or that it was more of a relief.

Barefoot Thief

He is hunting the bahamas.

In other news, did you know that when you try to connect a wii to the internet in Oahu, it will tell you there is no market in islands just off the coast of Africa. On the other hand, I got all the juicy gossip on bahamas news.

Soccer Loving Octopus Decides Victor between Germany vs Spain

Cthulhu could not be found for comment.

Stupid spain