Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beards of the World Unite!!

      The World Beard and Mustache Championship was a wild and woolly ordeal. Hope and Cheryl were on site to see the many wonderful beards in all their glory.
     I asked them a few questions to find out how it was. It was Hope began to describe it,"There were all sort of varieties. There was one in particular , it went down to his chin and went out 7-12 inches."
       She said her favorite beard was Beard of Warpath. He was shivering in the Oregon coolness.
      The Bearding personalities were varied some were, "Very serious about their beards. Some wouldn't even let Miss Oregon, a judge, touch them. Others were just silly and having a fun time."
       Although there were no panels on how to properly grow a beard Hope did say, "...the host (emcee) wrote a book on facial hair."
       Hope was disadvantaged at the show because she was actually a 10 year old girl but if she could grow a beard it would be, "A cool one. One that is unique, flashy and in-your-face (ha ha)."     When asked if they would be returning Cheryl -Hope's Mom- said, "We wouldn't miss it! We met awesomely fun people, who traveled such a long way to be a part of this."

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