Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Matter of Size

My brother and I were discussing the rate and price of memory. We realized that it would be far cheaper to buy 2 GB of Ram for a simple machine, than buying something much smaller. Lets put this in proper context, Windows XP can be run easily with 2GB. In fact, it can be run with 1. Let's say you had a small device that only needed about 4 bits of memory, but really, 2 GB was the best price.

This device wouldn't need wires, it connects by Wi-Fi, it wouldn't need a monitor, a computer over at central can connect to it and find out how it is doing. It would basically be exactly the computer you wanted 10 years ago, for about $5. What does it do? Screw things.

It is connected by USB dongle to a screwdriver robot. A simple machine, that only needs so much to do. Imagine the entire factory being controlled by all of these little computers, working away at these easy tasks. This is a nightmare waiting to happen.

You see, it is connected to a wireless network. This network can be accessed by a laptop. In fact, it is likely not even thought about how dangerous the problem is. One machine goes bad, ah well. The screws did not get in tight enough, the entire box it was making is faulty. The computer running it was too powerful for anyone to care if a seperate program took over and changed the commands just a little. Instead of 10 turns, this little screwdriver did 8. Just enough to give it room to work and then bust inside of warranty.

People would go looking for the culprit, but somehow he didn't show up. The Camera system and automatic gun system is controlled Via Wi-fi. In fact, most everything is connected now, and hacked just right. It appears that nothing happened, and no one was awake. The mocha machine somehow put in decaf that day. Except one guy, who was actually playing farmville. He was arrested as the suspect. He hacked the system, and was the only guy awake.

Imagine now the entire recall, because some guy with a laptop got ahold of that little computer. The tech guys won't know it happened, unless they go into every device and check the code. They don't know how many turns to make either, it was written down on a computer, which has access to the wireless network. So they change the code themselves to another screw. This one needed 10 as well, but got 15. If the box was squeezed in a certain way, the box cracks.

What does this box do? It controls the salt on McDonalds' french fries. They get salted badly, McDonalds goes under. Now imagine the Burger King with a laptop.

Ready for more insanity? Imagine that we create all new technology in the next 10 years. True holograms, and scanning devices are used to change communication forever. Now imagine this technolgy 10 years after that. You have to realize that the processing power and memory is far superior to the computer you have now, and it fits, inside of a pocket watch. It has 200 Petabytes, and can run calculations in numbers I can't even find in Wikipedia right now.

Programs like Windows simply don't grow with this and remain at something like 30 Terabytes. This device replaces the old stupid computer from 20 years before, the same one that got hacked into so easily. Guess what? This device is not only hackable, it can be sent back in time.

Now imagine picking up this device in 1972. Keep in mind, a Kylobyte is considered big stuff at the moment. A Gigabyte is something only Governments have, and the entire computer fits inside of a warehouse. This little device is picked up by a kid. He thinks it's cool. He can talk to people on it, he has no idea who. His parents worry that it is possessed by satan, and the government wants it for examination.

This device was cheaply made, and probably has some of the same stuff an iPhone does. It has a scanning device, like a camera, only it records it differently. It easily can tell you about things within a mile of it. This little boy is sent out on a magical quest. He finds the hearing dongle that connects to his ear. A special controller for games, and even a screen.

The government chases after this boy. The device he holds is able to tell him where the GMen are, and how to escape. It can make money from ordinary paper, if you get the printer.

Now imagine that the computer is fully put together, it can talk to our little boy, and tells him to give instructions to the GMen.

Screw= 27;

Somewhere out there, Ronald McDonald smiles. Revenge is a dish without salt.

Before you start thinking this is all made up stuff. Check this out. It's not built yet, but I for one want it.

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