Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cute Animals update

Turtles are territorial, but they can't breath smoke. A fire at an Austrian Zoo caught tortoises in the blaze and emergency workers had to use makeshift oxygen masks.

A Cat was found on a tree in New York. The local firefighters were called in, and it took 3 days of different tries to get the cat down.

I apologize for the sound coming from the above video. It is about an animal shelter where somehow a mother cat is taking care of a baby squirrel.

An Ikea commercial involved releasing 100 pet cats into a store. This video tells the story of how they did it.

Finally, the book Ghost of Opalina tells the story of a cat that lived in a house for 8 lives, and how the families did things. It is out of print and takes a hefty sum to buy, but many consider it an endearing classic.

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